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Monday, January 16, 2012

Haphazardness = Strings

Good afternoon from the chilly Bay!
I believe I mentioned I was making string blocks, and have been merrily sewing along with the classic pop tunes!  Very freeing I must say.  Though I am having some difficulties - how you might ask can anyone have difficulties while piecing string block?  WELL, if your me, that isn't difficult at all, especially when you think your done a block and go to iron it, then you notice you have three pieces of fabric sewn to the back as well,  you can see my point!  It pays to pay attention to what your doing every so often!  I have heard of scrap reduction, but sewing on the front as well as the back does certainly help with scrap reduction! I am also having problems not being stringy!  What I mean is, these are supposed to be random fabrics sewn together, I am not supposed to be controlling the colorways, or themes, but I find myself doing just that, though looking around the web I have determined there just are no hard and fast rules about what you should or should not do when stringing!  Also, I see I have not just sewn scraps, but some crazy styled blocks too. 
This is going to be one undefinable quilt to be certain.  I love going to visit Bonnie Hunters' Quiltville, and one of her many articles is where she and Marsha R have colaborated on String quilting Primer !  I have always been facinated by Bonnie's way of thinking and wish my mind ran to 1/100th of her fantastic ideas for ways to use fabric and putting it all together using SCRAPS!
Anyhow the primer doesn't really set out any hard or fast rules, so maybe I haven't broken any and the quilt police won't have to come and chastise me for these blocks I am putting together.  I just have to get my mind out of  matching colors that compliment one another....
truth is I have to learn that the color wheel doesn't apply to scrap quilting, string or otherwise!  From all that Bonnie says in her articles is have fun, enjoy the process whatever you chose it to be.  I wish we could get her up here to Ontario, she'd have a waiting list just to listen to her.
Here are my blocks so far 
I am thinking of sashing them just so that I won't have to make a great many blocks and instead of a twin possibly I should stop at a lap size?    Besides, I am thinking they might not look too bad sashed.  For a person who isn't into blues, I seem to have a lot of blue in those blocks so far!  How do you deal with being totally scrappy?  I never considered just how much of a control freak I really am!
It is so very nice of you to stop by and visit with me today and I leave you with this thought!
In the crazy quilt of life, I'm glad you're in my block of friends.  ~Author Unknown


  1. I love your blocks! I have a Christmas string quilt top that is one of my favorites--- all those bright colors are just so cheerful!! I think that sashing the blocks would look nice! :-) Love all the blue-- it's my favorite color! :-)

  2. I did a bunch of scrap quilts earlier in the year, and struggled just like you are. After a while, though, I found myself able to relax and just pick up pieces of fabric from the bin beside me, as long as I didn't put 2 the same together. I also sewed long strips together, then just placed a ruler on top and cut the blocks out - no foundation, and each block was a little different. Made the process go much faster!

  3. I love making string blocks. If you are having a hard time with the colours and 'need' to feel some control, try only making strings with dark scraps or only bright scraps or only a certain colour. I want to make a rainbow string quilt on day. I too am an avid Bonnie follower!!

  4. Ladies, thank you for your comments and for all of the tips. While doing up these blocks I still find "control" the worst of my issues, as I see others I see many who have just chosen colorways and used some sort of control, but, completely random is so interesting, especially when a scrap your using was used in other projects and your mind is taken back to what it was.
    Thank you for the tips, most useful and very much appreciated.

  5. I like your strings. They are really my kind, nice and bright and cheerful. I love scrap quilting. It really is fun when you just learn to go with it.


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