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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hey There, 2012 Has Arrived

Happy New Year Everyone!
I am home and raring to begin my New Year here at Blogger.......Can you believe it, here we are facing a brand new year, somehow I cannot believe 2011 has ended, it seemed to have flown by faster than I remember the years going in from my past!  Let us pray that 2012 is a far better year that 2011 has been for many people around the world, and that somehow peace will finally settle on Mother Earth!
THIS year has to be a better year for all of us, this is my fervent wish, that somehow those Leaders in governments all over this world will govern responsibly and if I can somehow balance my budget, so should they, and that they not continually keep borrowing money which our populace cannot afford to repay!
I follow LEAH DAY and her FREE MOTION QUILTING BLOG PROJECT and is so very interesting in her 365 new quilting designs project, and it is also where I saw where you can see the zaniest 2012 Calendar ever!!!  This calendar was produced by The Bitchy Stitcher!
Now if you want to see some more pictures on this calendar,  which looks like a hoot to me, just go to the Bitchy Stitcher where you can view some of them and where you may also purchase is, should you want a copy and NO I am in no way whatsoever affiliated with Leah Day or the producer of the Calendar!
Was Santa good to you?  He sure was very kind to me this year, a new cell phone all the way from Hong Kong, thank you Santa!  Santa even took me to get it all set up and working so now I never have an excuse to be away from the telephone, and will need to learn just how to use all of the nifty features on it.
Santa also brought me a new camera, 

also, with wonderful features, why I can even make my own video's on it, how kewl is that?  Again, I will need to learn all of its features and I have a deuce of a time learning all these new fangled toys, it will take me some time to figure out just what it is I have in these two new techno items I was given.  I am a very fortunate individual to be certain. 
I have been hearing muffled sounds coming from a large tote every time I pass by it, and it is in this tote that many of my UFOs' are stored, I think these UFO's are trying to tell me something, you think?  2012 has to become the year that I devote to completing many of those projects I began, but somehow never finished.  
I already pledged not to buy any more fabric in 2011, somehow that pledge managed to be broken due to my trip to Holland!  I just could not resist those fabrics I bought!  For certain, 2012 I am resolving not to purchase any more fabric and to make a good effort in completing UFOs'.  How about some of you, do you also have those unfinished projects crying out to you?
I will have to be very disciplined, which will not be an easy task for me, because I have so many quilts I want to make and there is never enough hours in the days to do all that I see.  Are you like me?  Do you stumble upon a new quilt pattern and just have to do it and then get sidetracked?   
I think it might be great if I complete the projects and send them off to the hospital here for the Dialysis patients who get chilled while sitting there for the treatments.  I have made good inroads with my donation quilt in aid of Victoria's quilt drive, (Victoria of Bumblebeans) and her pledge to gather 700 quilts for others who are in need starting over.  Have any of you considered getting in on this project?  This would be a great place for one of your UFO's, if you are so inclined. 
I guess I have said more than enough for one day, so it is a Happy New Years wish from me that your year be a healthy and happy one, more prosperous than the previous year and that you will come back for another visit tomorrow.
IN CLOSING Mr. Random chose GRANNYANN for the surprise giveaway which closed on December 24th.  If Grannyann will contact me at I will post this package to you.  The prize is Diana Leone's  "The New Sampler Quilt" a fantastic book which I hope she will enjoy receiving. 

Thank you all for sharing a portion of your day with me and until tomorrow, I will say Adieu!

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