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Friday, January 20, 2012

Catching Up

She writes so much better than I, and yet she made the same point, what would we all do without the internet?  If you have time today, go and read what it is that Bonnie has to say, she's such a gentle and sweet person and her words work so much better than the hissy fit I had the other day about the internet being censored.  I am still hoping for forgiveness on that post? She and I were in the same online quilt group many years ago before she became so brilliantly famous. She is so inspirational and shares herself with everyone who is interested in learning how to use that stash. 
Want to see a very beautiful quilt, go over and visit with Kathie of Inspired by Antique Quilts She's showing off her latest quilt, an Irish Chain and my goodness it is so pretty.  
AND Gretchen of 120 Blocks is organizing her stash and clearing up her basement area, I sure know how that feels and can emphasize with her on that score, every few weeks I have to clear up my sewing area messes or I simply would not have a place to lay my head down at nights. You see my sewing area is in my bedroom because the loft in the cabin simply isn't of any good use.  Maybe some day I might be in a position to use that cabin but as of right now it simply is not possible.  
I have been diligently working on completing the projects for the Frost Fest silent auction and am making good headway.  This morning, I went back to working on the khaki and black floral table runner and place mats set, working on getting all of the borders on the place mats.  I confess it is fun switching from one project to another, seems I might be ADD and never realizing it until now when I see just how many project irons I have in the fire. 
I have also stolen some time to catch up on reading what it is my favorite bloggers have to say today and what it is they are thinking about and working on.  I love this internet and my quilting hobby.  Such a fun place to be and with so many areas to visit and each teaching me something new and exciting. 
I did some snow shoveling this morning, managed to take myself another fall and yes, re injured the same knee again.  I used a whole bag of salt on the drive, lets hope the store gets more in stock cause everyone around here has thick ice on their walkways and on their driveways.  This morning when I went to purchase more, the store was completely sold out, oh my stars, guess we will have to succumb to using kitty litter until more sale is trucked in.  \temperatures have risen a bit today we are now sitting at -12 not bad considering the last few days its been -16 and -19 brrrrrrrr and no winds to speak of this morning, which in and of  itself is a blessing. 
Ohhh and I discovered a whole new series of mystery books to read written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child....these two can write so well together, and I have two of their latest titles.  
Do you enjoy mysteries?  Who are your favorite authors?
I was introduced to two gentlemen at the Library the other afternoon, 
Our beautiful Library, small but well used
they were bringing in cartons of books.  The younger of the two informed me that these were all in his mothers sewing studio and that she had recently passed away.
He said in his humble opinion she had won!  I asked won?  He then stated the quote she had on her sewing machine, about dying with the most fabric!!  Apparently he has sisters who also sew and whatever they do not accept he will be selling (needless to say I asked him to let me know when this will happen). I know I made a resolution to not buy any new fabrics this year, but, he said his mother was a quilter and that she had nothing but the best of fabrics, you can bet I am going to at least look it all over...he he he
 The cartons he and his father were bringing in that afternoon were but some of his mothers books which were being donated to the Library.  She too was a huge mystery novel fan and also had years and years of quilting magazines and text books, and I can't wait for those to come in and I was asked if I wanted those because they simply do not have room for many magazines.  You know I said a HUGE YES, Please!. 
Once our  Librarian gets these cataloged and onto the shelves, The Bay mystery buffs will be into those shelves like dirty shirts all looking for more titles to read.  
Thank you so much for visiting with me this afternoon, I hope your day is going well? And Hugs to you from Quote Hug!
Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway.  ~Mary Kay Ash


  1. I had read Bonnie's message earlier and know exactly what you mean. She has the gift of communicating. Hope your knees heals quickly.

    1. Hi Joanie, yes, your so right, I don't get on a high horse too often but when I do I usually put my BIG foot into my big mouth. Thanks about the knee, just found out that water softener crystals will also work as well as the road salt, so going to ask my brother to bring me a bag it is also three times larger than the road salt bags, and I am going to throw as much as I can on that ice, it is so treacherous. One of these days spring will arrive and I will be so happy to see it. LOL

  2. Of course you're forgiven - actually nothing to forgive, you simply expressed your frustration! I did enjoy Bonnie's perspective. Congrats on the magazine haul - I got a quilt book haul from a sister who's a librarian, and love, love, love having these all on hand! Mysteries are a favorite read of mine, but I like the cozy mysteries, with little terror and intrigue. Right now I've just started reading Shirley Damsgaard, kind of liking her! Take care - and get better soon!

  3. Hey there Peg, have to admit have not read any of Damsgaard, but love to read those light Fern Michaels paperbacks, especially the Sisterhood series. Right now I am into Preston & Child and of course a few David Baldacci's just for good measure. Thanks for your comments, I love receiving comments. Even thought sometimes I mess up its nice to know I can be forgiven.


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