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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monday and Giveaway Winner

Good Monday and I hope your day is as wonderful as it can be for a Monday. 
Sorry for the missing post yesterday, somehow the day simply got away from me!  
TABLE RUNNERS won out for this years Frost Fest.  I actually found a very simple way to make a runner and this is what I did yesterday, now not all runners are created equal, but I wanted to discover a quick easy method and this was it.  The ten minute Table Runner or if you wish, the twelve minute Gift Bag.  Such a versatile and novel idea, I just had to try it out.  I added the prairie points to the runner just to make it a tad more interesting.  This to my being pattern reading impaired brain was such a wonderful find and I found it here on You Tube.  Neat and so quick!
 Mary C., would you please write me at the address below and provide your snail mail address.
JUST because I loved all of your wonderful ideas, I have decided you need to win something too, so if the following ladies you sent me wonderful ideas as well please also provide your snail mail address and you will each receive a squishy from my stash.... Those ladies are:  Sassy Cathy; Gwen; Lee D.; Lisa Cox; Linda, and Lisa from Sixmunchkin Stitching!  
Please write to
Yesterday there was a reception held for the "CITIZEN OF THE YEAR, Award" here in the Bay, the recipient is the owner of the Retirement Home and one who does so very much for the town and is genuinely due this award.  This man is the husband of my friend Liz.  Ron happens to have no time to be a volunteer, but let me assure you, he is everywhere in this town, always there when someone is needed to step up to the plate. I am certain you have people such as this man in your communities too!
We also had company for the evening and spent the time in stimulating conversation.  So my day sort of whizzes by and I really didn't accomplish anything as it represents quilting or sewing for Frost Fest. 
I think today I will attempt to use the Tube Method to make blocks for another table runner.  I so enjoy those video tutorials over at the Missouri Star Quilt Co., and as I have many times in the past told you, I am a visual learner making great use of these wonderful quilting teachers who take the time and the effort to share their knowledge of short cuts and new tool methods with people such as me.  I love to think of myself as skilled, but actually the correct term to use for me is "Copy Cat"!  LOL  At least that is how I feel of myself whenever I reproduce a quilted article I have learned how to make from some other and more knowledgeable person. 
I don't know about you, buy sometime I get into one of those moods where I would just love to go back in time and meet the person who first began making a "warmth covering"!  I wonder what was it really called when it was first invented, and then to meet those along histories path when each of those "warmth coverings" became blankets and graduated into quilts and then took quilting into levels many of those in the past may never dreamd of?  I know I sound wonky at times, but I really do wish for a machine that would take us back into the past to speak with those inventive human beings who brought us the items or gadgets we use everyday in a much improved or more technoed version of their original version.  
Just for an instant lets ask about the history of THREAD? 
 Well the best I could do was to find this wonderful site where Alex Askaroff  skillfully answers this question.  You can,  should you be in the least interested read all about the HISTORY of THREAD  find it at this link!
Then too, how do Designers of Fabric collections arrive at their colors and prints ideas?  Like, I find this mind boggling on so many fronts.  Do you ever wonder who first concocted the first word or the alphabet, or designed shoes, or ..............?  While I am in no way a historical buff, I do from time to time give thought to the person whose brainy idea lead to my quilting pleasure?
Well, this is as far as my brain will take me today, I am going back to the stash to find more fabrics to make up these quick and easy table runners, long and short and possibly for this coming Christmas season, the 12 minute gift bag ideas will be something I could also make up in a hurry!
Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me today, I do hope you are well and are enjoying a terrific Monday.  Keep yourself safe no matter what it is your doing.


  1. You are so generous! Thank you!

  2. gen·er·ous/ˈjenərəs/ Showing kindness toward others. That is you~ Thank you so much! :-)
    You've turned a cloudy, gloomy day into bright sunshine! :-)


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