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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Who Gave This To Me?

Alright, the New Year has begun, but not so happily!  Someone generously gave me a gift I really did not want, a COLD! 
I spent the entire day in bed yesterday and on top of having this unwanted gift, I also feel very stiff from spending so very much time inspecting the bed!  TODAY I am up for awhile, did a few small insignificant chores, and now am thinking about all that must be accomplished in the next 30 days.  FROST FEST comes on the first weekend of every year whether I am ready or not, and my donation quilt for the silent auction isn't near where it should be to have it ready on time, and I have a Scavenger Hunt to concoct and truth be told my mind is a total blank! Somehow I always make it, but this is the time of year when panic sets in and I push myself into 1st gear and really work non-stop to accomplish the promises I made to the committee.  IF your at all interested in what Frost Fest is all about, click on the Frost Fest link above and you can see just why I panic.  I mean it begins on February 3rd this year, three days ahead of last years date (well in my calendar this is how I figure it to be)!  So, anyone out there have any quilt fairies they wish to lend me? 
 I could really use that Fairy's help.... Maybe Cinderella's Fairy Godmother would consent to visiting me and helping out, ya think?
I also need some nifty quilted items to make for Frost Fest Button Gifts, any kewl and easy ideas out there?  I certainly could use some new ideas.  Something I can make using my stash and that may be made cheaply...ha ha ha the time you spend on these items cannot be considered cheap, but, there you have it, I always donate and using up my stash would certainly help me as well.  TO the person who sends me the best and easiest item to make for this years Frost Fest I will send that person whose idea I end up using a special prize!  A set of purple blocks (I don't know how many there are but there are quite a few), together with 3 fat quarters.  
SO put on your best thinking caps and enter, help me out, please?  MAKE your comments to this post and I will try to choose the best idea for my project this year.  The date for submitting your ideas will end on Sunday, January 8th, 2012.
SEW who has made resolutions for their quilting habits this year?   I have already made my resolutions, two in fact!  The 1st is to not purchase any new fabrics this year and by so doing will be reducing my stash considerably.  The 2nd is to complete as many of my UFO projects (which are very numerous)!
How is that for beginning the New Year, already a GIVEAWAY PRIZE for the best small project idea and all in aid of a charitable project.  All items I make and donate which gather funds for Frost Fest go directly back into our community.  Each and every year the proceeds garnered from Frost Fest activities, silent auctions, etc. go directly to our community and each new Frost Fest begins with a NIL BALANCE, last year over $6,000.00 was given back to the local Food Bank and other organizations within our community thus allowing them to continue with their activities and good works. 
By the way has anyone seen my new 2012 Agenda and Pocket Agenda?  It's lost somewhere in this messy room - Arrgh!!!
Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit with me this morning, as ever, your comments are very much appreciated and since I have this terrible cold, don't forget, sit further back from your monitor, I wouldn't want you to get this unwelcome gift I was given!


  1. Your winter fest sounds like lots of fun. I would make string-pieced placemats and I would use icy blues scraps and a tone-on-tone white fabric with snowflakes. or mugrugs with penguin fabric. Get better soon, you have lots to do!

  2. a patchwork scarf would be a neat idea. Coffee mug sleeves as well. Feel better soon!

  3. You could make jewelry cinch bags. I made quite a few for the Autism Society of NC. A gal in my Modern Quilt Guild sits on the board and we have been helping her to reach her goal of making $10,000. She sells them for $10 each and is well over the half way mark. They are fairly easy to make after you get through the first one. I cut a bunch out and sewed them in assembly line fashion.

  4. What about some mug rugs? Those cute little things are easy and fast to make and you could even use up some scrap materials.

  5. I like to make table runners for quick projects. Sometimes I use charm blocks set on point or you could use theme fabric--Valentines, St. Patricks, Easter, etc. When I do themed table runners, I usually make the runner reversible...two for the price of one! Good luck with your Frost Fest and here's hoping your cold doesn't stick around too long!

  6. Well, I am borrowing these idea's (not my own original) but still really cute and neat. Make a SIMPLE and EASY PEASY cloth bag with a drawstring top - the size for a square box of tissues! Now that would be great for the "FROST FEST" - wouldn't it? I received a box of tissues at Christmas in a nice bag made with kitty cat fabric and the drawstring top was loosely tied in a cute bow. :)
    Who couldn't use one of those?
    AHHH CA CHOOOOO EEEE! Gazoontite! God Bless You!
    Feel Better Soon!
    Cathy Byrd

  7. OOpssss.... I re read your post - didn't realize it had to be a "quilted" gift idea.
    So I put my cap back on again and borrowing once more - this one is really nice, quick and easy enough - a Pocket Prayer - so you just cut & quilt up a simple rectangle - fold it in half - sew up the sides (make it the size to slip into your coat pocket) and insert a tiny cross or maybe an angel charm or even just a little printed note. The ends of the pocket are cut with pinking shears so they won't fray. Nothing too time consuming. Mine has a cross inside - and when you stick your hand into your coat pocket and feel the cross - you are reminded to pray and remember your blessings. Instead of a charm or cross - to save money - you could insert a penny ... there is a story about finding a penny where two men are walking along and one sees a penny on the sidewalk - he stops, picks up the penny and looks at it for a long time ... the other man - not understanding his friend is so impressed with finding a penny - makes a wrinkled face and says something like - You can't even buy anything with a penny these days - why are you wasting your time with a penny- first man reply's - whenever I find a penny - I am reminded of Jesus and his many blessings to us - and so I take my time and thank him for the penny and all it represents to me.
    OK - that was a long story - but you could sew these up quickly and you could make a ton of them with only a tiny bit of fabric. Make a poster telling what they are and what they are for.
    Good Luck with Frost Fest :)
    Cathy Byrd

  8. Okay ladies:

    I have tried out the coasters, the table runner and begun on the placemats, all great ideas, so far, I also made some sachets to hang or place inside a closet or drawer with fresh type pot pouri, these are neat too. So, I am enjoying the table runners and will choose this one for this years Frost Fest. THANK you everyone, for allowing me to put you in the hot spot...
    I will post tomorrow and the winner received my purple and white blocks as well as three fat quarters.


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