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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Sharing Saturday

This being Saturday, I thought I would share these things with you today.  As I keep saying, I so love Free so here are a few other freebies which you might enjoy today.
I subscribe to the You Tube Digest and this morning what I received was a You Tube "Missouri Star Quilt Co." video tutorial for Valentine's Day.  Wonderful heart block construction tutorial which I think some of you might enjoy, something nice to do for the upcoming special day which isn't too far off and still enough time for anyone wanting to make something special to make up. 
Don't you just love this quilt store.  These people really know how to keep you involved and interested in their products while still teaching something new and inventive. 
I so enjoy reading in bed at night, 
and have finished reading both of my latest mysteries and for those who have never met or enjoyed the Preston & Child duo the latest and newest character, Gideon Crew in "Gideon's Sword" is fast paced and well written, I am so enjoying this newest cast member from their imaginations. There is a new book "Gideon Crew" book schedule to be released sometime this year titled "Gideon's Corpse" ohh cannot wait to read this.  Meanwhile I am into two new novels for me, the first being Dream Fever with Special Agent Pendergast, also from the writing duo Preston & Child.  
I am also a fan of Oliver Stone, a Baldacci character and his Camel Club friends.  I just finished Hell's Corner and set to read a new novel titled "Zero Day" with John Puller the main character.  
 As you can see I love mysteries and these authors are among my favorites.  
You can bet I will be reading this evening.  Guess I will begin with Special Agent Pendergast.  Hmmmm wonder if there is a quilt in here?  Sometimes these writiers surprise me and write quilts into their books, only sometimes though but I keep a sharp eye out just in case.
While it isn't a dull and deary day here like it is for Quiltville's  Bonnie Hunter, who is off to a matinee this afternoon, (I sometimes wish we had a cinema near by), however before she left her computer,  she left a free kindle book link (on her blog post today)  for anyone who collects and loves to download free kindle books.  I bought a Kobo and kindle isn't compatible with it, but I downloaded it onto my free PC Kindle, gotta love free!!
Here in the Bay it is very cold  -6 and going down to -18 this afternoon and into the evening, ouch!
IF you have a few extra moments to share, check out The Weekly Theme Quilt Contest over at the Quilting Gallery, I have a black and white themed quilt in there this week. 
I am making headway with my Frost Fest projects, finishing up the borders for the place mats and hopefully I will make up my mind what fabric to use for the backs so that I might get these finished this weekend. 
I thank you for coming by this afternoon and visiting with me, I wish you a fantastic Saturday. 
From Quote Hugs

IF you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary Engelbreit


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