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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sheesh Just Short Of Six

Just that 2 inches by about 18 inches too short!  I have been trying to get six place mats out of the Khaki colored fabric I pulled as the co-ordinate with the Black floral "Independence" by R.E.D. fabrics in the main table runner and the four place mats I have constructed.  
I was ruthless in my search this afternoon, I went through all of the bins and totes which house all of my scraps and I went through all of the brown/beige/cream bundles of fabrics in search of just one tiny sliver which might provide me with enough to finish the 6th place mat.  NOPE, nada, nix, nothing at all, not even close in colorway,  no such luck at all.  
I am exhausted from searching!!!
A set of 6 place mats always seems a better number than 4 and 5. 25 just won't do, so, giving in to the lack of fabric and in defeat I will keep the last mat I made and use it for something else sometime in the future, and be pleased that I made it to 5 1/2 and at least 4 to go with the runner.   What do you think?  I will finish these as I have made the runner and one day next week will get into the machine quilting of all of the pieces I manage to complete this week. 
 Here they are and these will be finished in the same way as the table runner. 
I fell in love with this R.E.D. "Independence" fabric many years ago and it is one of those fabrics I never had the heart to cut into, but, if I do not begin to use these fabrics I certainly will die with the most fabric!  LOL
It's bad weather here in our region and I just heard from my sister-in-law that there had been a terrible auto/trucking accident on our Highway during the early morning hours, closing off that section of the highway for over 7 hours.  Apparently the roads are coated with black ice, this my friends can be a killer when combined with speed on the roads.  I am happy to say the only speed happening around here is me and my trusty sewing machine. 
Hey, have any of you noticed the many quilters making house block quilts?  I saw at least 5 today, not bad, this must be the year of the house, and me, here I am just ooooing and aaaawing over all of them!
I'm off to re-connect with my fabric and sewing machine! 
What I wish to remind all of you who must drive on the roads where this years unpredictable weather is happening, is to take your time getting to and from where ever it is you need to get to, cause I would like you here at my place for coffee, or tea and a visit with me everyday, so please stay safe out there. 
Thank you so very much for sharing a part of your precious time with me today, I am so gratified by your company and offer you just from the oven muffins (like these that Kevin baked with his delicious recipe) 

 straight from the over and slathered with butter with a cup of your most favorite brew to wash it down, after all, how else can I bribe you to visit???


  1. Oh YUM! Those look delicious! Now, I'm hungry, and we don't have anything nearly as yummy in the house... ;-) The placemats are really pretty! That is one project that I'd like to do this year-- some for myself and some for my daughter.

  2. Once again - love that block! And those muffins - I'm going to have to break myself away from the computer to make some, oh, man, am I hungry!

  3. Love the block and the fabric! You are really turning them out. I think muffins are on the weekend baking list--thanks for sharing


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