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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Snowy Day

I'm still sneezing and sniffling but up from my bed, my poor old bones just won't take any more laying about.
When I arose this morning near 7 a.m. this is what I captured with my new camera, very beautiful but didn't bode too well being it was a red sky at morning.....and that tiny ditty about red sky in the morning, sailors take warning, well, its true!  Look at what we are being pelted with!

 The "S" word SNOW!  I am sorry, but I so dislike snow!  According to a friend who called this morning we are only to get about 2 cms. (approximately 3/4")  I will wager it is more than that already!  Dear Friend, I hope it stops soon?
Because I could no longer stay in my bed, I have been sewing on my Log Cabin quilt top.  I am impatient today, so, decided to surround the blocks with star sashing, only have a few done so far, why you might ask, well, my nose drips terribly each time I bend my head!
I am so enjoying all of your ideas, please, KEEP THOSE IDEAS coming.  After all you have until January 8th and today is only the 4th...What is it you do when faced with being sick with colds?  
Have you seen what Michele Foster of the Quilting Gallery has just finished and she sends you to the tutorial by its creator, Erin Russek?  Absolutely beautiful!  Some of you might enjoy making this tablerunner called I'm Smitten With Erin's Mittens! 
and you can read all about it here!  This is just too cute, and the tutorial is easy peasy too.  This snowy day around where I live is just the kind of day that would make you want to try out this table runner pattern, even the quilt pattern?
A dear friend just came in and I had to send her away, so sorry Joyce, but I didn't want you who is healthy at this time to blame me if you catch this miserable cold.
Thank you so very much for stopping by the sick room this afternoon, do come back and visit again and please keep those thinking caps on, I need all of the help I can get, anyone got any cough syrup handy?  


  1. oh you poor thing, nothing worse then a head cold. yuck. we are having a very windy chinook in Calgary today with 10*C and sunny, but oh so windy! Just took the dog for a walk and we nearly got blown away. If you have some good ole Vicks in the house, put a dap of that in a sink full of very hot water, put a towel over your head and sink and breathe in the vapours.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Lee, I have been using Vicks (it works) and a mister in my bedroom. Also been taking tablets to dry up the sinus but hey, this thing just doesn't want to cold today too. I guess we will just have to aclimatise to Ole Man Winter.


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