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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An At Home Day

We decided to have a nice day at home today, after the last few days of visiting the thrift shops and after shopping for fabrics once again yesterday it is time to unwind and use the whole day to relax with the most favorite of pastimes, piecing a quilt top or gabbing and drinking lots of cups of coffee.  Having already broken my resolution not to buy anymore fabrics I can only say I am enjoying this vacation even more because Els also bought but a few less pieces of fabric than I and like me and thousands of other quilters, she is the same as us, not really needy in the need for fabric and by all rights we should be pulling from our stash. Yeah, right, take a quilter to a local quilt shop and you know they won't leave without at the barest minimum at least a yard (or in my case a meter) of fabric!
Els also needs some of those terry towel hand towels I make with the crocheted tops so I think today is an excellent day to begin this project as well.  
Once again I bought more fabrics!  Yesterday while accompanying Els' daughter who needed more wool to make her second funky monkey (this one is the first she has ever knit) 
 and wouldn't you know it, this shop not only sells wool, but fabrics, and other forms of craft supplies.  Eeeek more fabric to carry home, this one fabric is absolutely a very interesting fabric for backing with bicycles all over it, yes!  Something I know for certain I could not purchase on the other side of the ocean and at $2.95 Euro's per meter it was an absolute steal! In imperial measure it is 114" wide and I bought 3 meters of it, good deal!

Needless to say Tijmen also accompanied us on our shopping expedition and in a super thrift shop we found a special truck just right for him.  After a few hours a drive to a camp ground facility where goats are the main attraction and anything goat related such as cheese, milk, yogurt and other products derived from goats Tijmen had to show me where they lived, (they had camped here this past summer) the spot which he and his mum and dad picked to set their caravan while on vacation.  He ran and played, rode the tiny peddle cars and showed me just how he used the slide a number of times.  He loves the idea of sliding from a place away  up high and plummeting down to earth again, we also had a nice drink of coffee and visits with the goats as well as a mummy goat and her little kids, finally convinced by rain we climbed back into the car and began making out way home.  On the road home we were met by this woman, isn't she great?  Again all designed and made using flowers, chrysanthemums actually and Tijmen made sure I took some photos of her for myself as well as for him.
Brewing up something distasteful I bet!  Another float left
The roads people used to use as the main avenues of getting from place to place are now not used as much as the larger highways which cut through The Netherlands, and these roads are very narrow, which sometimes (not always) but sometimes scares the bejiminnies out of me.  There are those moments when you must share the road with a much larger vehicle than the ordinary car and it never ceases to amaze me that drivers just make for the side of the road until the larger vehicle passes and onwards they proceed.  I took a few shots while the car was passing and this is the little windmill that Tijmen pointed out to me, see the tiny roads?

I think by now you get the picture, tiny roads canopied by tall trees which are very very old surrounded by centuries old woods, how simply fantastic is this?  I just had to take this picture before reaching home, poor little darling wore himself right out and just couldn't hold off the sandman any longer.
Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share my vacation with you, here is hoping you will return again tomorrow.  Let us see how much Els and I might accomplish today without really pushing it? 
Why not visit with me again tomorrow to see just how we spent our day.


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