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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello From Holland Days 2 and 3

It's good morning from me here in Holland, actually from Westendorp, in Gelderland!  Holland like Canada is sectioned into Provinces and "Gelderland" is a province and Westendorp is the town in which my girlfriend Els happens to be living.
I really thought I could just blog each and every day but until now as you all know this hasn't happened.  Why, well, first jet lag, then shopping for a pair of crocs!  Yes, shopping for a pair of crocs, because I foolishly left mine at home thinking that crocs could be found just about anywhere here, but not so! Nope, and crocs are what my feet crave for, my little fat feet crave comfort. 
There have been hours of talking, hours of tears and hours of silly loud laugher and lots of hugs beween Els and me.  We have 16 years to make up for and 54 years of memories stored up in our hearts.
So, what did I do on day 2, well, actually not very much, learned how to use the new fangled coffee maker (but it is just like having a cappuccino)  and how to make 2% non fat milk look like whipped cream.  I forgot to take a picture of this but will do so next post, then I allowed myself to shed that travel jet lag  feeling.Els told me about each year all of the villages in Holland have a Volks Daag (a type of village festival) or painted post billboards are made and decorate both sides of the street and certain sections of the town have a different type of decoration.  I took lots of pictures to share and here are but one or two showing you what it is I am attempting to describe for you.  This weekend there were several towns celebrating and in one there was a huge parade with all of the floats being constructed with flowers. Els and I had our supper and then took off to see some of the floats and here below you will see but a few of these floats which had not yet been dismantled.
I believe you get my meaning!
The following pictures are of those beautifully floral crafted floats.
There are a few other floats which I will share at another time.  Are these not amazing.  No doubt with fall approaching there will be many more such festivals and more floats which if I am lucky to see will also be shared with you.  
It is from this mill that the flour in the bread I am eating was ground.  This is a fully restored functioning flour mill.  It was closed at the time we were near it but I may have looked inside but no more can I climb its height as my arthritis simply won't allow me the physicality of climbing those tall slim ladder steps.  I am off to make a short bed inspection, seems my eyes want to continue closing and it really is best if i once again return my head to its pillow.
Tomorrow the quilt shop and more. 


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