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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello From Holland

Hello From Holland!!

 -DAY 1

The bus was on time and let those passengers travelling from the various terminals out of Pearson International airport right at the front door leading into all of the departure terminals. 

My darling son managed a few hours and met with me at the airport between jobs, and he more than likely won't be too cross with me for showing you a picture of a working son who interrupted a job to see his mum off on her lengthy vacation.  He is a fine son and a fantastic husband and step dad to my daughter-in-laws children, did I tell you I just love my new family?
I made it!  How I survived a teensy tiny seating arrangement and a bulk head seat that isn't a bulk head seat and not being able to turn or leave my seat was beyond me!  I was imprisoned in a seat that was so tight (I weigh 179 and my hulk isn't a huge bulk"  yet that seat was tight!  Once I got me seat belt fastened there I remained until landing!  Mt seat mates were two long legged 6'+ men and I just couldn't find it in me to try climbing over them and so I remained in my seat!  Disappointment turned into anger for awhile but there was absolutely no way I could change my seat because the plane was totally filled to its capacity, cramped tight seats, stewardess' that ignored me until I pointed out the additional travel package I had purchased to give me better seating, a meal choice, and some additional extras!  She wasn't nice and unfortunately and left me with the feeling she didn't like me and I discovered I didn't like her all that much either. All part of my vacation adventure.
Hopefully I may make some changes before having to fly home under the same conditions, that simply will not do for me as the costs for the additional seat choice and meal package over and above the cost of my flight was not cheap!
I realize this image is an advertisement, but when you look at that person at the left this is exactly what I mean about the cramped seating arrangements, nothing near the picture on your right!
My country has changed and one of the first and major of those changes is the interconnected highway system.  When first my friends drove from the airport the change wasn't that noticeable, however not 20 minutes away from the airport and I began to mark those changes in the highways or as I call them spaghetti string highways and these you can just about find around any country in he western world now.  I remember the days when there were those small roadways, nothing is compared to what you can drive on today - if you have seen the 400 series in Ontario, then you have seen what it looks like here in Holland now.  
All in all this too has become a part of my vacation and will be added to the excitement of being back in my native land.  
I landed early morning in Holland and by supper time the obvious question arose, saying with a real smile and a twinkle in her eye, my girlfriend wanted to know what it was I might like to have for my supper?  My answer burst forth patat and a kroket.  Off we went to get my treat!  IT was so good!!  You can keep your gourmet food and plated beauties, just lead me to the place where I could get my taste buds treated and this is exactly what I had!  The following pictures really are true to what it was that I ordered and ate for my first nights supper in Holland. 
If you have never tried this food I am here to tell you to give it a try.Mmmmmmmmm Good!!!

 Enough for the first day, I promise to catch you up.
I am so very happy that you have come back for a visit and will be sharing my vacation with me.  If you have a question or a comment please leave it for me and I will answer as quickly as I can.
I am having such a wonderful day today and I wish the same for you and yours.


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