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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stash Gathering

Now I know I promised myself to pull fabrics from my stash alone,  and not  buy any more fabrics!  Well that resolution isn't working too well, so help me, I really have been trying, but my addiction has got the better of me.  At any given moment Els and I can find ourselves on our way to a new and exciting adventure and that is exactly what we found ourselves doing last Friday and you know there has to be a quilt shop in that scenario.  After lunch we decided to leave the house behind and drive somewhere, that somewhere happened to be Rouveen, a Village in the eastern part of Holland and right next door to world famous Staphorst, and it is there in Rouveen where you will find the "World Famous" and possibly one of the oldest Dutch Textile shops in this part of the country. STEGMAN'S TEXTIEL is a magic place where old and new survive together very well. 
the Senior Owner

Notions and more Notions

Wool, yarns, cross stitch, embroidery section

Any and all kinds of trim

Thread any color you might want or need
I had wanted to ask the owners about the date that the shop first opened and how had it evolved from its possible humble beginnings to the fame it now enjoys among the many who frequent the store.  The stock of very old fabrics with a cultural history to them to the latest designer fabrics for clothing and or for quilting can be found within these walls.  I asked if they would allow me to be locked in overnight but all I got as an answer was a thoughtful smile.  I am certain they thought me a bit weird.
Now you and I both know there is no way a quilter can enter a shop where bolts of quilters cotton can be found and not buy something!
Hanging in the middle of the store was a small quilt, a sample so to speak,  a Log Cabin with various red white and blue "old fashioned reproduction fabrics. This picture doesn't really do it justice because my batteries ran out of juice and I couldn't take anther. It was simple but striking.   I simply had to buy like fabrics so that I too can make a quilt like this for myself. 
Tiled novelty fabric with red white and blue repo's
I bought enough of a variety as well as the novelty dutch tile fabric to make myself a similar little quilt, and look at the bootie I came away with!

Hoping your enjoying my stay here at home in Holland as much as I am and tomorrow I am off to another quilt store, at this rate I may end up with quite the empty wallet before returning home to Canada, but there are a lot of SALES happening just now, and I am taking advantage to be sure.

Thank you so much for your visit today, do stop by again tomorrow to read about what mischief I get into.  Have a MARVELOUS  day today, and please remember your comments are welcome. If you have a question about anything Dutch please ask and if I don't know the answer I will gladly hunt for one.


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