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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can You Believe It?

I realize I haven't posted in a few days, but honestly I have been very busy, what with making sure the items I wish to take with me are all packed neatly into the suitcase, pants that were too long have been taken up, and my sewing room all tidied up again.  
Would you believe it, my brother borrowed my van today and in the middle of town making a left hand turn at rush hour the transmission decided it was time to let go.  A tow truck arrived and took it to the hospital for cars and vans. 

For the next week I will have had no vehicle and I have a ream of appointments booked for doctors and specialists for my mother, a pedicure booked, a hair appointment booked and a library run to return books.   I live in a rural setting and a car is a must!  No rental agencies around here, if I wanted to rent a car I would have to find a willing neighbor to run me into town just to rent a vehicle.  Can you see me asking the farmer for the use of his horse and buggy for the next several days?
I don't think so!  Fortunately for me, I have a very good friend now living in Hong Kong, who has after getting my distress e-mail told me I may have the use of his car for as long as it is needed - PHEW!!!!  that has in a way saved my bacon.  I am a lucky person to have such friends. 
I believe I told you all of the quilted projects are finished and already packed into my case are 8 quilts, 2 large lap quilts and 2 baby quilts for newborns yet to arrive, and four toddler quilts, labels and all. 
I plan on posting from Holland and lets hope I didn't boo boo when I set up my access to all of my sites.   If you don't hear from me it is because once again I probably didn't follow the instructions... LOL
We had the much needed rain today, the lawn and gardens were in sad need of refreshment, and luckily it is still raining, so finally the grass won't crunch as you walk across it for awhile.  
I went shopping and found a sweet Kaleidoscope optical mouse for my lap top, neat, it constantly changes its colors.  I needed a tiny mouse, and this little bitty mouse just about jumped off the shelf begging me to buy it and I am happy I did, it works very well.   It is made by Targus and was so reasonably priced how could I not have bought it. 
Since just about everything I need to do before I leave is basically done barring all of the outside trips to appointments, I will have some time and I think I will go back to working on the scrappy hearts quilt.  I have 4  12.5" blocks pieced so far, now I will pick uyp where I left off.  
Bits of my friends mothers' clothing can be found in these blocks.  She asked me to do this shortly after her mother passed and of course I said yes, but, since finishing these four blocks I haven't done much else with them.  Now this is the project that I will devote the time to before I leave and upon my return. 
Time to do a bed inspection, for some reason I haven't been sleeping too well, I believe it is the many lists I have been living with for the last several weeks, it is hard to turn off the lists, and, the excitement is beginning to build.   Only 8 days left and then yahoo!   
Thank you for stopping by and spending some of your valuable time with me.  Cross your fingers my bill for a new transmission won't be the trigger to apoplexy....
No matter where it is in this wonderful world you live I wish you a fantastic day and remember your comments are always welcomed. 


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