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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last Minute Quilted Gifts

Good Morning Everyone

6 days left and I will officially be on vacation!  WHOOPPEE
Since everything I wished to make in the quilt line has been finished and is already packed into my baggage, I confess on reflection I discovered I need a few more pieces of quilted items to take along, I thought of the babies, the toddlers and my two friends, but forgot about the spouses.  No way under the stars will I have time for another quilt, nor do I have room to take another thing, but, if I make quilted seat belt covers for their vehicles I could squeeze those in somewhere.  Sew seatbelt covers is what I will make.
Have you ever made them?  These are so easy to make and can be done in no time at all.  This morning I began digging through my stash to find "male" type novelty fabrics, found some with soccer balls and some with ice hockey type graphics on them, so these will do. Thank heavens the additional plan I purchased with my ticket allows me extra weight but then these little items don't take up any room at all nor do they weigh anything much.  
I am off to get my hair cut this morning, pedicure and manicure tomorrow and eye specialists on Monday, other than that I am so ready to fly the coop. 
My youngest brother surprised our mother with a trip while I am away.  He and my sweet sister-in-law are taking my mother and her mother on a Scenic Train trip across Canada heading for Vancouver. 

 This is a once in a lifetime journey as the scenery is such splendor.  

They will once arriving in Vancouver drive from there to Banff National Park where they will hook up with my nephew who will give them a wonderful tour of Lake Louise and experience the wonderous Rockies and the night sky

 and then they will drive into Calgary and fly home here to Ottawa.  What a neat surprise for the two mothers.
\i would say my mother won't be missing me too much what with this trip ahead to look forward to.  They will each have their own little room which is comfortable and get themselves a good night sleep being gently rocked into slumber and it sounds quite like a jewel of a trip. 
Thank you for stopping by this morning, I sincerely wish you a wonderful day today and hope you will stop by tomorrow, then I will have pictures of my seat belt covers to share with you.  A comment is always welcome, so if you have something to say, please leave a comment.


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