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Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet The New Man in My Life

His name is Tijmen (pronounced Tie Man), he is blonde, with big gorgeous brown eyes, he is very interesting to listen to, he is patient, conducts garden tours as well as Windmill tours with alot of energy and gusto.   I was invited to share his Birthday celebration last Saturday.  In Holland the Birthday person throws the party and family and friends are invited to share in the celebrations with great things to eat and drink. Seeing as it was Tijmens' birthday I was asked if I wished to go along to his house and join in with others and help him celebrate his special birth day. Tijmen  was waiting just outside the house when we drove up and we were introduced to one another.  This gentleman and I bonded immediately, and when he gave me a kiss, I knew immediately I was falling head over heels in love.  So, without further adieu, ladies, meet Tijmen!

Next to my own grandson, this is definitely the man of the hour. He has turned the BIG 4, an important birthday to be certain. Meaning he begins school next week, a huge step in a mans' life!  School and the beginning of many adventures as well as the trials and tribulations of life.  we bonded immediataely and not only did we celebrate this monumental event in his life, but he became my private tour guide around the Zaanse Schans not but a few moments ride from where Tijmen lives.  It was an absolutely fantastic weather day, intermittent rain, but after the rain the sun decided to come out and play with us.  This little man asked me many questions about some of those old windmills (which I had no answers for) and when I was not able to answer to his satisfaction he was able to provide the information. 
waiting for me to catch up!
His friends, the neighborhood ducks
This little boy dispenses patience for little old ladies such as myself far beyond his newly acquired 4 years that is simply amazing but he had so much to show me about his windmills and while he waited he decided to visit with his friends the neighborhood ducks..
My new friend is so interested in his surroundings and has the makings of an Archiologist.
Guess who came to dinner?
Tijmen and his mum came for a visit and here he is enjoying his dessert.  After the serious rain storm of yesterday Tijmen saw a special event, a wonderful very large Rainbow, which he decided needed documenting so here is Tijmens' Rainbow, isn't it beautiful?

After a full and happy day this little fellow was ready for bed as you can see 

so off to bed for this little man.  Surprise is, I will see him again next week when his mum escorts us to a quilt shop whose owner is selling off all of her quilt fabrics and notions and want only to have a wool shop instead of quilting related articles.  YAHOO, my wallet and I are so ready and already I have a request for something quilt related, seriously I have an order so I need more fabric than what I brought with me.
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