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Friday, August 5, 2011


Well, so much for that Hotel I contacted - their cost for one night plus the spa massage would cost me close to my airfare over there!!!  They charge for everything including in some cases the soap and almost everything is ala carte!  OUCH!  Must have deep pockets if I wanted to go ahead with that plan!  Okay, that so called plan will not work, so on to Plan B, everyone usually has a Plan B, don't they?
I can see I wasn't paying close enough attention when I searched their site, but if I had lots of money I am not sure I would consider it even then.  So a day spa search closer to where I will be staying is now in order. 
12 more sleeps before I leave and the anticipation is most assuredly mounting.  I have many items on my to do list still not really all done or complete, but, hopefully these will all fall into place before I leave.  
I couldn't for some reason get myself to sleep last night so spent the awake time cutting more fabric squares from my stash to take with me, so far so good, I have a nice selection of different fabrics and lots of white, that should do me, but, maybe just some a few more fabrics?
Today and tomorrow afternoons are care giving days for my neighbor with the heart condition, so off I go. 
IF you have any ideas on this Spa idea of mine, do drop me a comment, it would be nice to have someone else state an opinion or a great idea, have you ever done the day spa thingy?  How did you work out your plan or did you have a plan?
Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful day no matter where in this wonderful wide world you live.


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