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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

13 Sleeps before I finally get myself on that airplane!   I do not understand just where yesterday went, certainly I accomplished much of the "to do before I leave" list. 
I remembered to take check on the hand project I will be working on whilst away, you know those times where there is a lull in activities (hopefully not too many lulls). 
When I discovered my paper pieces had dwindled I decided then and there I had better print more.  I printed off 30 8.5 X 11 sheets of these little jewels.  After the whirlwind day of cleaning the entire top floor where I more or less live for the better part of any given day I decided to give this body an early night of relaxation.  Out came the scissors and the sheets I had printed off earlier and the cutting up began. While all of this cutting was taking place I listened rather than saw many of my favorite television programs.  
Lately, I have maneuvered away from "Law & Order" or "CSI" and even "Criminal Minds" shows to the Food Network and this season of programming has brought "Top Chef", "Chopped" "The Great Food Truck Race" and then the Canadian Food Network shows too, like "Top Chef Canada" and another one with Gordon Ramsey "Master Chef", I sort of lost interest in "Hell's Kitchen" it was nothing but yelling and words used I would rather not hear during my evening of viewing pleasure!  Anyhow, I think you get the picture.  So while watching some of my favorites last night this pile is what I managed to accomplish!  Not bad, eh???

 I still have about 13 pages to cut up, but this was a good start, enough so that I will have no interruptions in my carry along project. 
I have also been slicing my way through many of my fabrics.  So far I have a box filled with strips which, if time permits before I leave I can then cut into 2.5 squares and have all ready to grab and sew.  The only thing I cannot do for my flight is to load up my usual 10 needles with thread to make the progression in sewing smoother.  This time, on the flight over I will just have to rethread each time I run out.    Oh well, hopefully the flight won't be a bumpy one. 
Here is what my project looks like to date.  I confess I haven't devoted much time to it these past few weeks and though I have missed my pleasant evening hand sewing time I was just too exhausted to even consider picking them up.  
In total I have 26 flowers and all surrounded with the white background.  They are colorful wouldn't you agree?
Thats all for today folks.  Do stop by and leave a comment, I would like to get to know those of you who take the time to come and visit.  While it is true this blog isn't strictly about the "Q" in QUILTING, it is as I state in my title  "A Quilter's Sandwich And Everything Inbetween", so drop a comment by introducing yourselves, it is always great to know the names of those your having a conversation with.
No matter where in this wide and wonderful world your living in have yourself a perfectly wonderful day today.  


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