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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy But Getting There

I realize I didn't post yesterday but I was busy!  The first thing I did though was to go and have a pedicure and a manicure.  Ohhhhhhhh the luxury of it, two hours of sheer bliss and relaxation.  How very good my feet and hands felt after coming away from there.  
Where I live there is no pick up for garbage.  Meaning we take it to the dump ourselves, together with the recycling.  That is what I did this morning, and this afternoon I drove to my fellow Lions Club members trailer and we sat and wrote out the envelopes for 100 special Invitations to all of the various clubs and dignitaries of our District. 
This year marks the 30th anniversary of our Lions Club and we decided to celebrate in a rather BIG way.  Since the mission statement of the International Lions Foundation is "PLANT A TREE" this is what we will be using as our main theme as well as how we will be gifting our guests and asking them to please plant a tree.   My friend and fellow club member Marg offered to help put the plans I drew up into action while I am away enjoying myself these next two months.  THIS lady is phenomenal!   She arranged for the printing of the invitations, she printed out the menu, she printed off the mission statement with all of the stickers to go with that statement and even found some one to donate the trees.  How special is that?  Our club is so lucky to have this lady as a member.   Thank you Marg. 
The least I can do before I leave is to at least help address and stuff those envelopes, so, that is what I did this afternoon.  Look, here is Marg hard at work writing. 100 Invitations addressed and ready to be mailed this coming Monday morning.  It was so pleasant sitting outside and it really made our job not too bad at all.
Lists and more lists
 After arriving back home from Margs' I decided to make another set of seat belt covers.  This makes 4 completed sets so far with another three planned and then each adult at home with a car has a set for their vehicles.   These really make a nice little quilted gift to give and take hardly any fabric to make up and little or no space taken up in my suitcase either. 
What do you think of these???

Seeing as I haven't been home in over 16 years I am loaded with quilted things for everyone.  This makes me happy.
Only 4 more sleeps and then I leave here very early in the morning and head out making my way to Toronto and the airport.  
Tonight I believe it is time to give my tired and excited self a rest so a good book should help me get into the sleepy-eye state.
Thank you for stopping by to share whatever it is I had to share with you and no matter where in this wonderful world you are living in, may you have a wonderful weekend no matter what it is your working at. 


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