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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Relaxing In The Kitchen Garden

 Fun is what my vacation is all about just taking it a day at a time and enjoying each and every moment of my stay here in Gelderland, a corner of Holland which bids you relax and be calm.  That is exactly what I am doing this morning and have moved myself from the back garden to the kitchen garden in order to be closer to the laundry room and the clothes lines out of doors.  
Since, according to the weatherman today will be one of the last few sunny days with warm temperatures for awhile, I decided hanging the washing out side would be so very good. No travels away from home today, just puttering around and doing whatever I feel like doing. 
My friend Els is in bed with a terrible head cold.  She's been doctored and told by the head nurse (me) to stay put in her bed and rest, I will be her nurse for the moment and see that she adheres to my orders (really a lot of fun ordering her about as this event doesn't often present itself)!
We were out the other evening for dinner at the local pancake house and the pancakes were as large as a large pizza at home, topped with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes and oh so delicious.  Sadly I didn't take a photograph of the pancake but I did manage a picture of my beautiful friend.
After dinner we decided toforego dessert until later and take a road trip to see a part of Holland neither one of us has ever been too!  MONTFERLAND, a place close to the German border where all of a sudden there are hills in the distance and the land is more rolling than flat.  We discovered some beautiful scenery and I managed to click away with my camera, some shots of course went into the trash bin but some others are good enough to share with you.
A windmill actually sitting on a hillside with the cows in their pasture below it and horses grazing on the other side, beautiful homes and gardens, everything altogether different than the rest of Holland. 
I know these are not horses
I missed getting snap of the grazing horses because of a few cars waiting on the teeny tiny road we happened to be on were waiting for us to give way so that they could continue on to where ever it is they were driving to. 
The gardens in Holland are always so captivating, with dahlias blooming still at this time of the year and some gardens even lend themselves to deer, small goats and even sheep.  Such a difference to our more manicured gardens minus the wildlife or even domesticated goats, rabbits, sheep or chickens and roosters.  I am always intrigued by what you might find in someones garden here and no two are ever alike, always a surprise to behold.

Leaving the pretty town behind I just had to snap a photo of it in the distance and make an effort to catch the sunset with that very old tower in the background.  We have promised ourselves a trip back the next good weather day and do the real tour so that I might capture some of its interesting architecture and beauty.  Today unfortunately will be spent here while Els nurses that terrible head cold she happens to have caught from someone or somehow.
As the sun was setting and we began making our way back home I just had to take one more picture of this wonderful old windmill.  We decided that dessert would be a McDonalds' ice cream cone and Els asked did I want to eat it inside or, did I want to go through the McDrive?  McDrive, I said no, it is a drive through, and she said NO! Here it is called a McDrive!!!   I had to see this name for the drive through for myself and rearrange my thinking, so for my information and as proof that it actually is called "McDrive"  I snapped a picture of the sign and sure enough it says McDrive!  What a difference there is in thinking in another language, always something similar by today's language standards with the help of the internet,  such as a McDonalds drive through, yet I find I have to turn things around in dutch to convey the appropriate meaning.  So much fun and with my old fashioned dutch language skills it is quite the adventure in conversational dutch.
There, can you see it?  McDrive - on that note I think I have waxed on enough for today and hope you enjoyed our day out as well.  Stop by tomorrow and cross your fingers I can tell you my dear friend is feeling more herself and that cold bug is leaving her.
Thanks for stopping by to share my trip with me and remember, no matter what your doing today make it the best ever, life is short so enjoy each and every moment given to you.


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