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Friday, September 30, 2011

Overnight in Beautiful Voorthuizen

The days are quickly passing by and there are so many events I may miss posting about. One clear day we just finally packed up the car and headed towards Voorthuizen, a small town where there are many, many vacation homes, hotels, and of course camping terrains and it is here just outside of Voorthuizen that Paul and Anneke have chosen to place their caravan.  It is the spot where they long to be at when not having to remain in Almere Haven and not working. 
Before we were to leave Almere, we planned on drving to their grandsons school, Dustiano is barley 2 years old and quite the character and from all he can say and for all that he does he is going to be quite intelligent.  Already his parents and grandparents are teaching him English words and on any given day they can coax him to repeat  some and as his memory is beginning to show itself those words are repeated with a wonderful grin to accompany his accomplishment.  He has a mischievous grin, wouldn't you agree! 
Playing peek with me in the back seat!

After collecting him from school which he attends twice weekly, we left for the caravan, the place where Anneke and Paul enjoy their free time. 
Seeing as Mother Nature has graced us with beautiful summer like weaather it seemed like the best place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Voorthuizen as I said in the beginning is where their caravan is located, it is also the destination where many people spend their summers. Like most trailer sites this one has permanent trailers which look more like permanent summer homes, alot just rent the lots but others own the homes that are set on them and these are very luxurious.  I didn't take my camera along while on the grand tour of the site and just really didn't feel up to doing it over again with a camera.
Anneke gets no end of pleasure out of spending her time here.  You see that little jut out on the right hand side of the tent there is where I slept for the night.
The building at the right of the kitchen tent is a four-plex washroom - it houses a toilet, a shower, a sink complete with very practical shelving and the unit closest to the trailer is the one Anneke and Paul rent.  The camp grounds are very well cared for and what grass there is which isn't a Lot has been well manicured, and the playground for the children is nicely located and well maintained too.
Unfortunately Paul had to return to work on Saturday morning and we only had he overnight stay, but a great journey home to Almere in a round about way and on that journey home I managed to photograph another windmill!
The forests here are soft and leave lots of room for the sun to filter through.  I took just a few pictures to share with you while we drove back home.
 I have been resting since then and haven't done too much travelling just relaxing under the wonderful sun in the back yard, while Anneke enjoys the little linguist Dustiano with those mischievous eyes. 
Licquorice faced Dustiano with G'ma Anneke!
 I am so looking forward to attending the sonogram to be taken of Paul and Annekes expected 4th grandchild, a granddaughter by the way where as an outsider and not immediate family member I will be privileged to be a participant.
So once again I thank you for stopping by to see just what it is I have been up to this week and wish for you a super sunny day.  I'll be back in awhile.


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