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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Wide and Beautiful North Sea at Zandvoort

I realize I have not been posting on a regular basis as I had hoped before beginning this wonderful trip, but in all honesty here I am enjoying each and every day and before I realize it the day is over and I find myself so sleepy I just cannot wait to inspect my bed.  Nonetheless, here the weather is sunny then rain then the sun comes out again and we are off doing something else.  I have been to shopping malls that are no way the same as our so called shopping malls and I am seeing many different items that we simply do not have in Canada.  I am controlling my "just have to haves" until I see what it really is that I must take home with me!  The gadgets for kitchen and bathrooms are simply marvelous but when I see the kitchen and bathrooms at home well, I just cannot find space in my minds eye to take these things back with me cause there simply isn' the space to put them up.  The living here certainly is different and all of the space they have is put to practical use and the gadgets have been invented for this type of space.  
Yesterday I was given the gift of a visit to the North Sea, Zandvoort, where the sand dunes and the wind make contact with the wild and beautiful North Sea.  On a good day I wonder if you see the White Cliffs of Dover?
This fellow was patient but made sure he could s\keep his eye on those fries!
The wind was wild and strong and lots of men were in the water with their huge wind kites at least that is what I thought them to be and with the wind they were certainly enjoying the sport, high jumping over the huge rolling waves.  What a beautiful part of Holland this is and also a place I had never been too. 
The seagulls patiently sat and waited for us to share our lunch with them, and then too there were smaller black birds I admit to never having seen before.  Once again I began clicking away with my camera and when I return to Canada I will have work cut out for me attempting to choose just which pictures to print and keep in my photo album. 
Along the beach you can see hundreds of tiny beach houses placed there like in winter where the fisherman place ice huts, well these are similar in that these are placed there for the duration of the summer.  I saw a lady struggling to get to one of those little houses yesterday and when I say struggling I mean she had a difficult time climbing through the sand piles which were swept into piles by the fierce winds that were blowing. 
The town of Zandvoort itself was busy but I was assured by my friends Paul and Anneke that it would be much more hectic and filled during the summer months when the children were out of school, which stands to reason.  Now that mid September approaches, all of the children and higher school children are now back at school and the older set have the opportunity to have this place more or less to themselves.  I still have problems not being nervous in he car because of those tiny roads which my eyes do not believe are wide enough for two cars to pass, but somehow they do!  Some times I get the bejimminees scared out of me when Paul has to pass a truck or manouvre around a huge truck or piece of equipment working on the street, or in traffic in town to wend his way around and I see another car approaching, then I can feel my toes touching the seat in front as if attempting to put on the brakes!
Again I took lots of pictures and would like to share some with you. I also snapped  few pictures of a working windmill which masts were being turned by the strong winds yesterday, and to which Paul so very kindly drove towards so that I could take these pictures.  Today they are taking me to an open market - there are many open markets here and of course the good ole camera will accompany me.  I will be hoping to see fabrics - but one can never tell what ou will find there.
Thanks for stopping by and I wish you an absolutely perfect day today. 


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