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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet Mall

Batavia Stad is the name of Hollands' Fashion Outlet, situated along the  IJselmeerdijk not too far from where it is I am staying in Almere Haven.  This is a new type of Mall for Holland and the names of those high on the current fashion list all have stores in this Outlet mall.  The mall is open for business 365 days each and every year and hopefully business is brisk.  I can say from seeing it myself yesterday, Saturday, it was brisk, but just how many had come to spend some hours visiting the sights or shopping I couldn't say.  I can attest to its distinctness, in that while I come from a country where malls are a regular place for shopping, not all the malls are Fashion Outlets, nor are all as well designed or seemingly as well run as this Mall is.  The brochure states there are over 100 stores which regularly give 30 to 70% discounts on their collections!  The very set up of this mall is fantastic and even a Red Carpet is laid at the front entrance as if giving you the Royal welcome treatment. 
The uniqueness of the storefronts is in and of itself very interesting, and colourful to say the least.  Around each corner the visitor will come across something unique and of interest, like the Whale with a pod of tiny whales in a square with bench seating for those who are waiting for someone inside a shop, or, just needing a rest from walking or shopping. 
The huge whale taking center stage spouts water and the children clambering over it thought this a wonderful feature.  I myself thought it a very interesting feature and thoroughly enjoyed my rest on the bench waiting for my friends.
This is a part of the square where the Whale family pod is located.
The face sculpture on the long "mall" impressed me to no end, actually it captivated my attention and I kept returning to it time and again just to see it once again before my friends pulled the plug on this sightseeing trip.  Try as I may I haven't found much information on this  piece so my picture will have to suffice.
Striking, isn't it? I was impressed to no end and simply could not get enough of just looking at it and watching the people with their children getting pictures taken in as many parts of the face as they could manage.
Days gave flown by where I have been just sitting out in the back yard working on hexagons, or, shopping with Anneke for the days' meals.  I am developing the most gorgeous of sun tans as the weather here has been premium, hot and sunny.  I only wish the day we went to Zandvoort was as nice as these past several days.
More on the past several days in my next post.
THANK you for your patience in the sporadic posting but my vacation is very interesting and busy in the funniest of ways!
Have a very wonderful and exciting day no matter where it is you live.

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