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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Diane Sawyer and the HUGE CHALLENGE for us all

I meant to ask those of you who are shoppers and are interested in your economies if you have seen this Special from Diane Sawyer and her Team? It might be quite interesting to take Diane's challenge, mind you I have been buying as local as I can for the last several years, but, in truth, many of the items I seem to be wearing and toting around with me were definitely made in China, Tiwan or Pakastan and Romania, I know because since watching this special that I somehow missed seeing back in February/March that today I began rooting through the hundreds of items in my cupboards! I have made a decision from here on in to practice what it is I think, that if we support our local economies jobs will eventually return and hopefully we will all become contributors to the well being of our Nations.  IT won't be easy and that is an understatement, but, so worth the effort and the trying. 
What triggered this renewed interest?  An e-mail from a friend, so, possibly because it took my friend to REMIND me, I thought I might let you in on it too, possibly your as interested in this as I am?
Enjoy watching this, I hope you might find it worthwhile.


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