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Saturday, June 25, 2011


I have been busy and many of my chores have fallen behind and once again I seem not to have managed time very well.   
The weather isn't helping either, I thought this was supposed to be a wonderfully hot and sunny summer, not so, I guess.  The last many days our skies have looked like this  and we are once again expecting thunder, lightning and showers! 
I began my day rather earlier than usual today, first before doing a large bottle recycling job ( A garage filled with three years worth of wine and beer bottles). I had been asked by one of my neighbours to feed, water and walk the dogs, 4 of them, 2 large, one a retreiver type, one a grey hound, and I don't know what breeds the two smallers ones are, but they all needed someone to look after them as their owners got stuck and needed someone to pinch hit, so I did this last night, this morning and will once again do it this evening at supper time if they do not make it back here by then, but, that means I will be interrupting another job I am doing for this afternoon and this evening.  Imagine, these are all rescue dogs, isn't that great?
This week has been productive and fun even though my chores were put on hold.
You may recall my telling you I was a member of the local Lions Club.  This week we finished off our 2nd quarter of the year with more parcels to those Canadian men and women serving in Afghanistan.  Look, we sent another 10 huge parcels filled with a variety of items that simply cannot be hand from home.  From soup to nuts and from shaving gear to shampoo a plethora of goodies and books thrown in for good measure, candies which simply cannot be had over there, gum, instant noodles, coffee, tea bags, pencils, puzzle books, envelopes, writing paper and so very much I simply cannot remember all we crammed into those boxes.  We send out units of 10 boxes each time and this time we pary they will land on the base over there before or on Canada Day, because we put extra's in there for Canada's Birthday celebration.  To date in the past 2 years we have sent 100 boxes, and as we are but a tiny club compared to many in our District, that is a pretty good count.  This Chosen Soldier project is but one of the many causes we serve.All of the liquor and beer bottles we collect for recycling bring us money to take on these wonderful shopping sprees in addition to the other sources of earning money.  
We had alot of fun and we hope our men and women in uniform enjoy the mixed bag of goodies we sent them. 
AND I am finally making progress with that entwined border I was sewing.  It is progressing but slowly, do you ever have one piece that is a challenge to you?
Here are my two lengthwise borders so far.

Next job, washing, after that a stint with a senior neighbour who cannot be left on her own until nine this evening.
I realize I am talking too much, but gee whiz, so very much is going on and this post is just bringing you up to date, I know, more information that you may have wanted?
Thank you so very much for stopping in and catching up on my week with me, I sincerely appreciate the many visitors who stop by, if you have a comment, kindly leave it here, I will be sure to respond. 
Have yourselves a wonderful weekend whats left of it that is.


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