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Monday, June 20, 2011

Entwined Quilt Border

Happy Monday to you all.  My weekend was non productive in that I was away from home both Saturday and Sunday, ahhhhhh the surprise of summer weekends.  This weekend the weather was absolutely perfect, not really a time to be cooped up indoors, wouldn't you agree?
Now that I am back in my sewing corner making myself follow through on the challenge border I set myself to make for the Double Irish Chain quilt I showed you a picture of earlier.  I really believe this Entwined Border will enhance the quilt and like I said before, it also will show the sentiment of friendship between myself and my best friend.  
Having said that I must confess to the high degree of challenge this has set for me. Being visual, it seems I am not visually vigilant enough!  I went to The Quilters Cache as I told you and printed off the border pattern, put together my first of three sets and thought I had done very well, however this morning while looking at my work with fresher eyes, I noticed that I have blundered and done it incorrectly, so, back to the drawing board I went. This is what it is supposed to look like!!!

It might help if I remembered to keep my colors all in the same sequence...This picture courtesy of Sand and Sunshine Blog.  I love this border, now all I have to do it do it properly and make it sing. 
I have taken my completed units apart and am beginning all over again.  Due to my need for visual aids, it might also help if I had planned out my sketch much better.  I have reworked my sketch and am beginning all over again.  Arrrrgh!
DO you have such challenges that face you after believing you have done it well and discover you have not? 
What is it you do, do you leave it as it is or do you take it all apart and begin again?
I would be so interested to hear how you handle those situations where you have discovered a mistake in whatever block or pattern your putting together.
I just bet myself quilters would see the mistake immediately while other non-quilters probably would not notice, but having discovered my mistakes, I would notice and that is to me the most important of all.  Taking it all apart then is the best remedy for me, or as Tim Gunn, (one of my most favorite people in the fashion industry) would say, "Make it work"!  Sew I am making it work, the way the pattern was set forth. 
Blogs are wonderful and those of us who write them are always interested in what others have to say, it is called Feedback!  Do others agree or disagree, are they interested or is the content not so interesting, is there one subject more than another that interest others?  
Please help me out here, if you have a comment, please leave it for me, comments really would be nice and a conversation is always better if entered into with more than just one.
THEA M. was the only person to comment on the "getting my Blog Back celebration giveaway, so THEA M. if you reading, kindly send me your snail mail address so that I might send you your prize, the Quilt Journal.
Thank you for visiting with me today, I wish you a day filled with the blessing of joy in whatever you are seeing or whatever you are doing, may it be JOY.

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  1. I'm going to attempt this same border for the quilt I'm working on. Hope it works out.


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