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Friday, June 3, 2011

Inspirational Gals

When I first began quilting I had no concept of how the internet and this new hobby form I was learning would live side by side.  In the late 80's and early 90's I used the computer only in my place of business, then, along came the desire to work from home and do research.  While doing research I actually began to stumble upon a few  e-commerce quilting sites, and these sites are not the sites of todays' world.  TIME (there is that word again!) has certainly changed the face of the world wide web and relative to those of us who live and breathe quilting.  In my humble opinion,  it has become the thread that binds most of us together.  The fact that most Quilters of Note have embraced this medium is too marvelous for words. The quilting community is alive and flourishing across the entire world.  As I do not consider myself anything other than a Beginner when it comes to quilting, there is so very much I do not know, but, when I do need to learn something or I would like to accomplish a specific task as it relates to the project I wish to undertake or have begun, I have these special ladies I turn to for their knowledge, guidance as well as inspiration.  Like Oprah and Madonna these Quilters have taken hold of their destinies and are steering their own course in Quilting history.  
There is a place that I simply love to visit time and again because of the visual video tutorials at this site and the ease with which they teach the viewer on how to accomplish something new, or something which has been renewed by using a new and improved method.  WHAT am I talking about, I am talking about the Missouri Star Quilt Company! This Blog is fantastic, if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting these ladies, your in for such a special treat!!!
 To be more precise, the video tutorials they so freely provide for people such as myself who are considered to be visual learners.  Their claim, "Everything Quilting Under One Roof" is so very true.  I get lost there when I go, so I go mostly late evenings when I no longer need to wear my  caregiver, cleaning lady, secretarial, companion or chauffeur hats.  When you decide to enter this site, be prepared to spend some time, do it when you won't be distracted.  I find it so very interesting and the video tutorials are the best ever I have seen. Their use of the latest equipment or fabric ideas are simply very inventive and fun!  IF you haven't visited, your missing out.  There is a place for everyone's type of genre, at least it is my humble opinion that this is sew well put together that you simply cannot NOT enjoy your experience there. 
NOW you all know I am a BONNIE HUNTER fan, always have been. Bonnie makes everything easy to understand and shows you how and in my book, she's a talent all unto herself, she's a quilter I have followed for over 12 years and I continue to go back to Bonnie's Quiltville's Quips & Snips over and over again. 
Then there is PAT SLOAN,
Pat is a very busy quilter also, her Blog and her radio show, she manages to keep you well informed and there is always someone special she has as a guest to inspire or motivate you. 
Not just the three mentioned above promote the quilting hobby/industry, there are hundreds more, these are just the special places I cannot help visiting most of the time.  
As most of you who come to visit, you know I love to talk, so my posts are generally a tad too long, but once I get started on a course of conversation I sometimes forget to stop.  I hope you are enjoying your day today. 
**** As a quick note, I would like to say, there are those of you who have made comments, but, like the proverbial dummy these are in the comment section and I never could figure out until today they were there, hiding and not showing up below the posts, nor was I receiving any mail to inform me that I had comments.  To those of you who have commented, I will now see if I can correct the problems I have been having and cross my fingers that in future, if I have followed the rules for setting comments correctly, that these will begin to make their appearance known after today.  For the moment, please accept my apologies for not checking this section hidden inside the makings of these Blogger posts and be assured, I will respond to you and thank you for the time you took to make your comments known to me.****

SEE I told you I talk too much!


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