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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Muscles, why must they make a person suffer so much?  My 88 year old mum has a pulled muscle in her right hip area and is creating havoc for me!  My dear ole mum refuses to believe her age, but bent over for hours at a time in her garden doesn't seem to fizz on her at all, I have to pull her in for meals and now I must watch her suffer until that pulled muscle mends, ouch, I can feel her pain each and every time she moves.  Getting her into bed was a tad difficult this evening and when she got stuck on her knees up high on that huge queen bed she has I began to laugh and while she was in pain being stuck there, she also laughed until finally she fell over on her side and there she stays for sleep.... I have applied topical pain medication for her, given her a pain tablet and hopefully she'll not have too difficult a night to get through.  My but she looked so funny stuck up high on that bed of hers... even while she was in pain she saw the fun in it too. 
I have been seeking just the perfect border for the Double Irish Chain I have pulled out to be finished, I chose the entwined border from A Quilters Cache.  I am as I have previously told you a visual person, text just doesn't cut it for me (no pun intended).  Marcia Hohn's site is so perfect for visual people such as me.  I am so happy her site makes visual patterns and instructions which are easily followed. 
This quilt border is special, it will add that special meaning and touch to this quilt.  While a Double Irish Chain quilt isn't difficult, it was made 5 years ago as a 60th Birthday gift for my best friend, but, because our 60th birthday plans fell through, I set it aside and never finished it, so, it has to be finished now because I intend to take it with me for her. 
Can you just picture how pretty the Entwined border will make this?  Why Entwined, because our two lives have been entwined with one another since we were tiny children and have been friends our whole lives long.  If God spares us, we'll be friends for many, many more years to come.  
Hopefully once the border is complete, I then must make the very best job of the quilting, and we all know that the quilting is the best part.  Wish me luck everyone, I certainly shall need it. 
Now these stretched stars will also need to be completed.  Wht do you think, should I place all of the stars in one direction, or, leave it the way I have it laid out now?  I have all of the blocks finished, I just have to put it all together and surround it with a nice plain border to that it won't be too busy for the eye. 
I have some nerve waiting until nearly the last moment to complete this quilt too, but, as luck would have it there will be a wedding when I arrive in Holland and I simply cannot go empty handed.  Now I really wish I had a Tin Lizzie, maybe by this time next year I will be the proud owner of one, that is if I save long and hard enough for it.  Then I could give my quilts the real finishing touch all quilts deserve. 
61 sleeps and it will be boarding time for me, so the time I have is crucial.  Unfortunately for me I am also a volunteer and Canada Day is looming, I will be responsible for the Scavenger Hunt as well as my fellow members of the Lions club will  be busy all throughout the day and evening helping everyone to celebrate and enjoy Canada's Birthday. So I will have to double up on my days and get these two quilts finished.  Like I asked you earlier, please wish me luck.
Meanwhile, my mother loves movies, so I managed to get Seasons two and three of "Lark Rise to Candleford", a most enjoyable British series adapted from  Flora Thompson's trilogy of semi-autobiographical novels about the English countryside, published between 1939 and 1943.  If you haven't seen it and your interested in this type of entertainment, I highly recommend it.
Thank you for stopping by and your allowing me to share my life with you, it is so welcome to have someone who isn't my mother to talk to (sigh), I sincerely hope you have a wonderful Saturday. 


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