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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Like me, I bet your always checking out something new and innovative.  I subscribe to many newsletters, but one of the newsletters I wait in anticipation to receive is the one from The Missouri Star Quilt Co. and once I have time I so enjoy reading the content and visiting the sites. There is always news about some new method or a new tool, something tried and true but brought into the 21st century. So something old is always being reinvented in an easier way.  I just love those quilters who can look at a quilt and reconstruct the pattern in their heads, one or two look sees and their off and reinventing how much simpler they could make that same quilt look even faster with less fuss and muss.
The MISSOURI STAR QUILT CO. in one of those places I love to spend the time I have, I always learn something new and exciting, and often I return to their video tutorials to reinforce something which I needed to refresh which my memory wouldn't allow me to remember...
Yesterdays' newsletter was no exception, and poof, new magic tricks were performed and my brain became animated with thing I could do and quickly, remember, I am one of the text impaired pattern readers!!  I am forever muddling and seeking the help I so desperately need during some of my projects.
In yesterdays' new You tube video tutorial,  Jenny Doan 
Jenny Doan
takes you through the method of how to bind a quilt using your sewing machine! (yes, I realize this is not a new concept, but, for me, it is a new teaching aid which inspired me with how simple the technique was made for me to comprehend.
Thank you Jenny, I learned something new to me, quick, easy and sew much fun.
Another new video tute is The Scrappy Four Patch Quilt, what fun and sew easy!!
If you haven't visited this site, you are in for such a wonderful treat!  You will find everything you need under one roof, as they say, and I am certain if you haven't been there yet, you will after your first visit return time and time again.  They have fantastic deals explain new tools and can even show you how to use that tool and made time to show you in videos.
One tiny aside from the Missouri Star Quilt Co., is my mother, who, while I was having a full day of my own, was out on the town with friends.  I thought she looked so lovely yesterday I just had to take her picture and show her off to you. 
Can you believe, she is 88?  While she suffers from Osteoporosis she manages to look lovely each and every time she goes out in public.  With yesterdays' weather being so gloomy she surely brightened up the day don't you think? 
Oh and just now, my neighbors with the 4 four legged rescued pets were walking past and I couldn't resist a photo. These are the four I dog sat this Friday and Saturday... 
While it is still nice and early, I believe I deserve another cup of coffee and will go back to completing the border I haven't had enough time with this week.
Thank you for stopping by today, I wish you a peaceful and soothing Sunday, don't forget leaving a comment is the only way I will make your acquaintance. 


  1. Hi Mitts! Glad to see you are keeping up your quilting. Your mom looks great and I imagine the floral piece beside her is one of her creations. Very pretty! We need to hear from a BIT more often.


  2. Hi Marcia:

    Thanks Marcia, it is nice to be able to talk to people out there, as you know, I tend to talk too much, LOL. Glad you enjoyed the pictures, mums' not doing too bad for an old gal is she?
    Thank you for your comments Marcia, I will be blogging away here at Blogger most days, and hope to write lots and share my trip to Holland this summer.


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