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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Canada Day! Come and Gone

Boy oh Boy am I tired!  From 7 a.m. on the morning of July 1st until 11:15 p.m. that evening after the fire works were over and the day was brought to a close, I confess, I believe I overdid the physical this year.  My left knee is totally swollen and causing a great deal of discomfort, truth be told, it was all worth it.  I will survive to do this all again next year, it has been so very much fun. 
Once again Canada's Birthday has come around and is now over for another year!  What a wonderful day and how well it was attended!  The weather was perfect, huge puffy clouds in the sky, sun shone the whole day and except for the humidity seemingly everyone you spoke with were enjoying the planned events.
TO OUR TROOPS RETURNING home Happy Canada Day and Thank you, and to those TROOPS REMAINING AND SERVING throughout the world on our behalf may I say THANK YOU and Happy Canada Day to you too, your service on our behalf is so appreciated, YOU are all much beloved and come home to us safe and sound.
The committee planned well and worked hard to make certain that everyone from 1 to 99 had something to enjoy.  The music was so good and people were generous to all of the vendors in the park. The day was crammed full of events, face painting, air castles, the childrens' fishing derby and the pony rides were a huge success this year, there was even a  petting zoo which was beloved by those littleuns and draws for a myriad of prizes. Karoke for everyone was alot of fun as well as the William & Kate Look Alike Contest.  Our Town Crier cried them in and they were made most welcome, even it they were not the "REAL ROYALS" we enjoyed out Look Alikes!   All in all it was a wonderful event planned well and executed perfectly. 
Our Canada Day parade orchestrated every year by our most loved Mr. Roantree was even bigger and better again than last year.  
Here come the children
They came on bikes, they walked and brought their pets with them
The Red Hatters were well received too!
The children on the Float had so much fun throwing candy

Our Beloved Old Fire Engine
I left my post at the park and ran home to take pictures of the many entrants and these are but a few of the 30+ pictures I took of the parade going past my house.   
For a small town of 650+ full time residents this Canada Day event was a SUCCESS.  The parade was filled with dozens more children than even last year, they so enjoy taking part in a parade, even the Red Hatters took part.
The Canada Day Quiz (replacing the Scavenger Hunt) was also a success, each child who entered won a prize and the first and second prizes to the adults who participated were these bags I made filled with smaller prizes. 

So, while my post isn't all quilting related I must tell you, the bags were fun to make and give away.  
So, as I said it has ended for another year and I am happy it is now once again behind me.  Every year I say I will begin to plot and plan sooner than the previous year, but, somehow I never do.  Why is it that do you think?  Are quilters procrastinators?  I never imagined myself a procrastinator, but evidence proves me wrong, I am.
I sincerely hope you haven't been bored by my rendition of our Canada Day events, I know my descriptions don't really do the entire day justice, and I am certain I have left out more bits and pieces than I included, but, thats how it is when your tired and worn out..
Thank you for visiting with me today, I wish you and yours no matter where it is your living a wonderful weekend, and to my neighbors to the south in The United States of America, I wish each and every one a wonderful and HAPPY JULY 4th tomorrow, and I cannot wait to sit in front of my television tomorrow evening to once again enjoy THE BOSTON POPS celebrating their Independence day once again, their the best, don't you think?


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