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Monday, July 25, 2011

A GREAT GIVE AWAY is happening

No, I am not sponsoring a GIVE AWAY, but LAZY GIRL DESIGNS is!  This Summer Tote pictured above is the topic of conversation today.  Joan Hawley is a talented designer and her bag patterns are easy to follow and look great on anyones' arm.  I actually bought this pattern a few years ago and love it, and pulled out my pattern wanting to make a few to take with me.  My thinking that while staying with my best friend, a quilter also, we could each make one as a memento of this auspicious year.  Each time I enter the fabric cupboard I am auditioning fabrics to take with me and have selected a number of combinations, but, so far I haven't chosen any, but for certain this is going to Holland with me.  
No matter where is this world you live, women love hand bags and bags that are totes as well, nothing is more pleasing than being asked by strangers "where did you buy your bag" and nothing is as satisfying as being able to tell them you didn't buy it you MADE it yourself!!! 
Go ahead, treat yourselves to the possibility of winning the pattern and the accompanying items to make your bag a special edition. 
Disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with Lazy Girl Designs I just happen to love them.
Guess what?  It is raining, and has been raining for the last two hours, we really needed this rain and the assistance it has been with cooling down the temperatures.  It is an even 70 degrees here and it feels wonderful.  None of that cloying humidity, though the weatherman says the hot temperatures will be returning by the end of this week. 
I'm off to complete the sewing on of the binding for the stretched stars.  Last night I was of the opinion that I was just whizzing along and was actually congratulating myself on how quickly I was progressing.  FOR SHAME, I see some of my stitches in the border which shouldn't be there, so now I must take out that part of the stitching and begin again, more carefully this time, I might add. 
Thanks for dropping by today I sincerely hope your weather is as great as ours is today, especially those who are suffering those extreme hot temperatures.  Leave me a comment and I promise to answer, I would love to hear from you!  


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