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Saturday, July 30, 2011


EXCEPT for the labels!  Most quilts I give as gifts are labelled just before the quilting process is nearing completion, but, this time around I believed I had no time if I wanted these ready to take along with me.  I was not certain I could get all of the items I wanted to piece, quilt and bind ready so decided leaving the labels until the end would be all right, after all, I would be doing the bindings and could do the labels then.
I believe I was right this time to wait, now I know everything is finished and I still have time to do small quilt labels with meaningful quotes and information.  The final two quilts being the larger of all are done, these are not bed quilts but fair sized lap quilts which I am pleased with.  
My Best Friends Quilt

Close Up of Quilting Motif

Back of Friends Quilt with Canadian Flag

Cousins Quilt
Close up of Back and Quilting

Last picture of back which also shows binding and border
I am happy with how these eventually turned out.  Possibly these aren't what you may have chosen to do, but, I did what all quilters do, I chose the patterns and the end results.  My one wish is that I hadn't wasted so much time and frustration on my attempt to make an entwined border on the Double Irish Chain.  I confess, the resulting plain borders look much nicer and make the center of the quilt noticeable, whereas when I pinned on the entwined border (the three sides that actually fit) made it look too busy and I regret I didn't take a picture of that scenario so I could make my point about it being too busy.
19 sleeps left my excitement is mounting!
I believe my expectations were a bit too ambitious for the amount of time I actually had from deciding which date I would leave for my trip and the actual departure date.  Fact is I did it and I am well chuffed with myself, even though these wouldn't win any prizes in any juried quilt shows.
If your out and about another place away from where you live this summer and the coming fall, be on the lookout for lots of local quilt shows.  I see there is a quilt show taking place over three days in Hershey, Pennsylvania this weekend and from the web-site the details of the many events happening around that show are plentiful and filled with many wonderful quilt classes and lectures.  I am hoping someone will upload lots and lots of pictures of this event because I am betting there are some wonderful quilts being displayed.  I remember going to one in the early 90's and it was spectacular!  Those were the days when digital camera's were financially out of my reach and so my little camera was all I had, unfortunately I cannot find the snapshots I took then to share with you, but I do recall ooing and awwing over them all and being so very new to quilting I was awestruck.
Now, something new and exciting has been happening at one of my favorite Quilt Blogs, you will find out all about it over at Madame Samm's web site,  which is where your going to find WANTTOBEQUILTER Campaign and from all I have read this is going to be so exciting.  Why not hop on over and read all about it at "Sew We Quilt@ Stash Manicure" from the sound of it there is tons of fun to be had and a long list of sponsors for this fun filled campaign beginning August 1st.  Not long now and all of the events will begin and you too can get in on all of it from the beginning. 
Thanks for stopping by this morning, I hope your not bored by the many pictures of my quilts over this past month, but, blogging is sharing whatever is going on in your life and I am no exception to this.  Don't forget to leave a comment, even if it is just to say Hello.  I would love to hear from you, what it is you do, and the types of projects your currently working on.


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