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Monday, July 11, 2011

Have you seen this?

Happy Monday Everyone

What a pretty day to begin the week, already it is 80F outside my windows, but, I am so fortunate to have central air and I at least got a good sleep last night.  While sitting outside last night I spied Mama Cat with her three little ones in the front garden, and while I cautiously tried getting near them, mam wasn't having any thing to do with me the big human, so, decidedly I sat still and just allowed them to romp and play while I looked on, all the time talking to mama cat very quietly.  I have begun feeding them, so hopefully when I sit near them each evening they might just begin to accept me and maybe them I can get to hold one or even any of the three.   Seems like such a shame to allow them to go totally wild and brave the icy cold and brutal winter weather.  Ah well one can but try.  

Listen up!  Have you seen this new product, I read about it in my morning mail and went to have a peek.  WOW for those who sew or quilt this is a wonderful new product, and, if you hurry you can get in on the GIVEAWAY too! 
Head on over to Lazy Girl Designs and meet Annie!!! She has a brand new product to tell you about and from the description as well as the photographs your going to love this!  By the way, I am not affiliated in any way with either Lazy Girl Designs nor with ANNIE who is the author of todays' post, I just found it very interesting and thought to share it with all of you.
Picture from Annie's post today go, see the rest of the blogpost and no this is not the Giveaway!
I worked so diligently yesterday, desperately wanting to finish borders on the three tops I have and want to take with me on vacation, but, as it is with summers here, people stop in and by the time they left I wasn't in the mood to go back and carry on, also, I noticed that while I had been working on a 4" stretched star for my one border, when I finally went to shut down the sewing area I noticed I had actually put that tiny block together incorrectly - now how do you suppose I managed to do that?  Being distracted I didn't bother to check my positioning and there you have it a frog stitch job.  I at least took it apart and resewed it, now it at least is correct.  Tonight I will go back at it again.  Do you have days when something you want to accomplish just doesn't get done?  Yesterday was such a day for me.  Thank goodness I still have this week to finish these, otherwise that long arm quilter is going to not be able to fit me in. 

Thanks again for stopping by, I hope someone wins the giveaway at Lazy Girl Designs, what a great product and one I can't wait to try.  I wish you a wonderful day today no  matter where you are, what your doing or who your with, may it be special.


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