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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Happy Wednesday!
I have been busy since Canada Day celebrations have finished, only one more event to plan and have executed and then it becomes a race to the Finish Line (trip date), when all things on the "to do list" are either crossed off as having been taken care of, or, will wait until I return in the fall.  Don't you love the anticipation of a vacation only to be inundated with those lists of things which much be attended to knowing full well that these are really important or else they would not have landed up on that list?
Allow me to share two tops I finished and that still need borders.  I don't know about you, but somehow this year I seem to be stuck on borders.  I want something to show off the center of each quilt, and I seem to be taking forever to come up with a good plan !
This quilt is for my cousins and wonders of wonders I am now completing the border for this one - without the border this quilt top measures 40.5" X 47.5" and with the finished border it will measure out to be 47.5" X 54.5 and that should be completed and ready for binding in a few weeks.
This little quilt is for my cousins' first granddaughter who will turn 3 this year and according to my cousin, she loves her teddy bear - I just couldn't resit whipping this one up and because of the cheater medallions, it was a breeze and I am happy I made time to fit it into my schedule.   Currently it measures 29.5" X 43" and will because it is for the little one to hopefully drag around and enjoy the border will be very plain and easy and I am guessing the border size will end up measuring about 6.5 inches, which makes it a decent size for such a little one. 
Today I wish to share this photo with you, it is from one of the phenominal photographic sites I love to visit when time permits, I am always searching for that special photograph that those wonderful photographers around the world see, take and share.  This specific photo was taken by ANZE MALOVRH a 17 year old living in Ljubljana, Slovenia and this particular photograph is what I fell in love with he titled it "REAL LOVE" 
Doesn't this just say it all?  This tugged at me heart strings and I keep this one as my Screen Saver to remind me of how very prescious LOVE really is!
Now here is a photo I stumbled across this morning and so far I haven't gone looking for the photographer, but this is just so cute!
Thats' all for today, my list awaits and borders still have to be made, so with pen in hand, it is time to complete some of those borders I was telling you I need to complete so that these little quilts I am taking home with me become actual completed gifts and not those I.O.U. a U.F.O. !!
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