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Monday, July 18, 2011


Are you a perfectionist with your piecing?  Seems I am a bit too persnickety with mine, I am wrestling with this entwined border, so much so that I am making myself a nervous wreck over it, it is the last quilt I need for my trip home and it is the one that I am having the most grief over.  IF it doesn't finally go together properly I think I may just abandon that idea altogether and give that Irish Chain some plain borders and be done with it, but I hate being bested with my own personal challenge!
It is so humid here today and my 88 year old mum continues to play with the air conditioner, I turn it on, she turns it off, I turn it up and she turns it down.  Since I am upstairs the heat rises and it is sweltering up here even with my fan going. being overheated just isn't conducive to the brain operating on all levels as it should be either. 
Seems like I am not having the best of times with myself lately, possibly I have just left myself with far too many commitments and thinking about those is making me stressed and I am hurrying, haste makes waste so it is said and I am inclined to agree with that!  Wish me luck as I make my way back to the border that I am beginning to dislike very much, if I should manage to get it done and done properly it will be a true miracle. 
I hope your having/had a much better day that I have had and that your relaxing in front of the pool, cool drink in hand and totally cool, and if not, then I hope it gets better from here.
Come back tomorrow and see if I have managed to pull of this border properly, if not you'll probably read I have given up on this idea. 


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