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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Kewl Is This?

If you have been reading along you will remember I went looking for just the right Rolling Back pack!   You will also remember I found one and bought it online!  I took possession of it yesterday and it was so worth the shopping and the choice, in my personal humble opinion!
Yesterday it was HOT and I needed to cross the border to go and pick up this wonderful gift to myself!  I waited in line like hundreds (no exaggeration) hundreds of cars were waiting to get through the toll for the bridge and that took near 1 hour in the blazing sunshine and humid heat it caused, then, once at the Border crossing another twenty minutes, which in truth was excellent and in another twenty minutes I arrived at my destination, paid for my order and was back home in no time flat!  This bag is a dream.  Remember it is a High Sierra Bag  and this is it pictured below.

This bag as of this morning has also become my sewing machine carrier!  Can you believe it, the entire project I need for finishing today while still away from home caring for my heart patient is in this bag and still roomy enough to take a more yardage of fabric, an extra spool of thread and my special "can't live without it" thread holder, my e-reader and all of my sewing tools required for this project!  Now how is that for a BAG!  Can you tell, I am so pleased with myself in the choice of this bag, and to top off the good great feeling, it was on SALE I save 100% of the suggested retail price and the company I bought it through was so helpful.  Irv's Luggage made me a very happy quilter, and  here I sit extolling its virtues all over again.    Not only is it the dream travel companion, but, it has now become the bag I will use to transport my sewing anywhere at anytime for any reason!
Today marks the last day I will be away from the house and watching someone else's parent.  Tomorrow begins the routine "before vacation" trials.  That means all of the 101 items to select, the chores that need attending to so that I may be away and enjoying myself for two months, the appointments I must take my mother to before I leave so that while I am away no one needs to take her to, the many checks and double checks for all of the items I wish to take with me and of course the arrival of my seat tickets so that I actually do leave the country!
Today also marks the proverbial real count down of the number of sleeps I will have before it becomes officially the first day of my much needed mental health break vacation.  It has been 16 years since I have been home and 21 years since my father passed and I have been full time caregiver to my mother.  No, I am not complaining, I am merely so looking forward to being away from home and unchaperoned. :) Can you tell I am becoming more excited that in previous posts?  30 SLEEPS just that and I will be up up and away...
I will continue posting while on vacation, at least that is my plan, while possibly not every day most assuredly I will post, so long as I remember on my "to do" list before leaving I set up my computer access correctly.  
One more small note for you today, I bought a Moda Layer Cake, "Dragonfly Summer" by Holly Taylor and received it yesterday as well, this I purchased through the "Daily Deal" from The Missouri Star Quilt Co. Oh my but it is so very pretty, these colors in this collection are my colors.  Now all I have to do is find just the right pattern to show them off.  Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. on Craftsy is so easy to listen and learn from in her Quilting Quickly classes, and her store video tutorials are easy to learn from too. Guess I will be visiting a lot of free pattern sites, did you know, Moda also offers FREE QUILT PATTERNS?  They allow those wonderfully talented fabric designers to show off their fabric lines.  I so enjoy visiting the fabric manufacturers sites.  Moda is no exception.  Their "FUN STUFF" section is really neat. Sew, if your not project sewing today and want to enjoy looking at all of those neat ideas and see new lines of fabrics not yet in the market place, then hop on over to Modas' site and visit with them awhile, or, to your favorite fabric manufacturer which ever that might be and take a gander at its site, I always discover something new while scrolling through those places.  
AGAIN I tell you all, I  am not affiliated in any way with any of the e-commerce companies I tell you about, I am a happy customer who believes in letting people know about items I buy that I use or will use and why I am happy and for no other reason.
Since this is Sunday and I am beginning to run out of time this morning, I will bid you a wonderful relaxed and beautiful day no matter where in this big beautiful planet you live and one of these fine days I may even be surprised that you might have left me a comment, leastaways I would know your out there and reading.


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