Public Boat Docks in Seeley's Bay

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Its Thursday Already!

Happy Thursday, can you believe it, almost another week nearing its end towards a hot and summery weekend?  I have been progressing with the tops I am intending to have finished.  The pace however isn't as fast as I thought, so, it means doubling up on the time I still think I have, although time is rapidly running out for these projects.  With me away from home every day this week, will I make the Saturday deadline?  I certainly hope so, wish me luck in this endeavor!

In the meantime, this video clip was sent to me and I am thinking you might like to see it too. 

This really is a Kleenex moment.
Sadly, I am not writing another chapter today, just posting so you will know, I haven't forgotten you and to let you know I am hard at it.  No more meeting this week, but next week, myself and other members of my Local Lions Club are chauffeuring seniors from the Retirement residence here in town by pontoon boats to a place close to home called Jones Falls, and this year I will take my camera along and share with you.  Once we land at Jones Falls we will all troop up to the Ice Cream parlor and have some of their wonderfully famous ice cream and then make our way back to Seeley's Bay. It will be a nice time spending it with seniors and being out on the water, and a few hours which I will truly enjoy. 
Have a marvelous day today no matter where you are or what you may be doing.


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