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Friday, July 29, 2011

I Can't Believe I Did That!!!

Surprise is what I got last night!  My family showed up a day early!!  Well early to my memory, but in all honesty they said they would be here Thursday and I thought it was to be this evening, Friday....that is what you get when your so wrapped up in what your doing that you very inconveniently forget your getting overnight company!  It all worked out well and they have come and gone, but, I admit I felt rather stupid. 
Only 20 sleeps left until I leave Canada and head off to Holland for my two months mental health break, which I can now see I really do need!  
My dear daughter-in-law presented me with a certificate for the fabric store and with it I am now the owner of a June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler.  What fun! I had ordered it and was prepared to pay for it myself, but, lucky me, I was able to pay for it with my gift certificate....  Now all of those 2.5 fabric pieces I will be needing to cut for my Hexies that I am taking with me to work on while I am across the ocean will be so much easier to cut and a much faster job than just using my 12 inch ruler and rotary cutter.  I decided that I needed that shape cutter because my cuts always seem to have a wow in them, no matter how careful I think I am, I still get several cuts I have to deal with because of those slight variances I always manage to get.
I decided to watch the video on the shape cutting system and I confess she made it look so easy, but realistically I know I will be watching that video more than some while I get the basics of how to use it down pat.  With my need for visual aids in learning, I am so very happy the internet offers video tutorials on all of these wonderful tools invented by very savvy quilters. 
Do any of you use this type of ruler?  Do you use it a lot?  Do you like it?  I would love to hear from those of you who do have it and use it, has it made a huge difference in your piecing?  I certainly hope it does for me.
I haven't much more to tell you other than I am busy preparing for my trip and living with my lists of things to put into my suitcase or chores and appointments that have to be kept before I leave.  Why didn't I put my childrens' arrival date on one of those lists I wonder?  Guess I am having the "one track mind" syndrome this year, really thinking about what I have to accomplish before I am finally let loose on my unsuspecting family and friends in Holland...LOL

Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit with me this evening.  I hope you will continue to visit as I blog from Holland, my best friend tells me of all of the nice finds she gets when she visits the market stalls,

 old bits of various provincial costumes and bits of fancy crochet as well as old fashioned lace or ribbons, and I can't wait to get stuck into the fray and make some wonderful discoveries of my own, maybe then I can get back into some crazy quilting.  


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