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Friday, July 15, 2011


Good Friday Morning All, here I am on my way to the finish line, one more Top down with a border and a back, the one I finished yesterday still needs to have a back but that won't take long, and now just to finish the Entwined Border, time, like I have written about before is certainly my enemy!  Possibly it isn't so much the time that eludes me, but that I haven't fully learned the aspect of saying "NO"!  At least these two are off to the Long Arm Quilter in the morning, then, one morning early next week I can deliver the third and final top for quilting.  
The border is really the exact color of burgundy which surrounds the blocks, strangely some of these digital cameras from just a few years ago don't take accurate color - I believe a new camera is in my future! 
So much still to do and so little time left with which to do it all in
Brocante Home is where you will BEAUTIFUL art works such as the piece pictured above. A beautiful blog filled with interesting content and images, I just know you will thoroughly enjoy your visit there.  You can spend some time with Alison and her "Housewives In Art" Parts 1 and 2, she didn't just stumble on this subject, she has researched it and the resulting posts are wonderfully crafted.  GIVE YOURSELVES a treat, go and visit Alison today, and as a Disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with Alison, the site, in any way whatsoever, I just happen to love visiting there to discover some new eye candy and interesting topics.
Only 32 more sleeps until I do VACATION!  Cannot wait to board that airplane and get hugged by my friends, it is what I need, a long mental health break to bring me back refreshed and ready to take my place once again in the production line of volunteering and quilting and housework and caregiving. Being a caregiver is the hardest work I have done since I began working almost 55 years ago.  So this vacation is a respite from the past 21 years of demanding your presence at every turn in a normal average day.  LOL  I know that some days I want to change my name legally and not tell anyone what it was changed to.  YEAH RIGHT LOL! 
Its time I got myself ready, or I will be late, gotta run, like the proverbial rabbit that Alice is always chasing about. 
Thank you so very much for visiting today, no matter where you live, what you do, or who you are GIVE yourselves a wonderful day today, sure as night follows day, tomorrow and more chores will be waiting for you,so enjoy yourselves today.


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