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Friday, May 13, 2011


Hello, Helloooooooooooooo everyone!

On April 17th, 2011 upon my return from the Lions Convention in Ottawa, and being filled with exciting events from the convention to share, I attempted logging in here but discovered my blog had been REMOVED!  I was so shocked, but just as mysteriously as my blog was removed 5 minutes ago it re-appeared!  I tried and tried to gain some answers as to why the blog had been removed, after all it doesn't contain copyright infringements, no pornographic images or material, no profanities, it is merely a quilters blog!  I became so entirely frustrated as attempting to discover why it was removed, how I could get it back and there seemed to be no response nor answers to my frantic questions.  It sure is good to know I am back and I am not lost afterall.
As an aside from being removed, I nearly forgot to tell you all about the International Lions Convention for our district.  So much business was accomplished, many new social contact were made, renewal of social contacts from the previous years convention were revisited, and fun really was had by every attendee.  We even had a great time seeing as it was Easter weekend, we had our very own version of the Easter Parade - hats and bunnies.....what fun!
See our Easter Bonnets

Easter Bunny and friend.

I have been busy since discovering I was removed, so much so that I began a new blog at a new address.  Now I have two blogs, oops!  How was I to know that after this length of time my blog here at Blogger would suddenly make a reappearance?  So I guess I blog post twice daily instead of once. Since my return from Convention I have had the pleasure to sit with an elderly patient when her caregiver daughter needs some time away from home, so, to pass the time while chatting or when the patient is at rest I take along my hexies I have been making.  I became impatient, or possibly bored at some point over the past two weeks and decided to begin grouping and putting some of these hexies together.  what do you think of these?
I made a few to begin with

For Once I didn't choose Black,
instead I chose white to surround these little  lovlies.
By comparison to many of the beautiful hexagon quilts and quilt blocks out there, these are probably not the greatest, nor is the setting original, however I am happy just hand sewing along.  At least it is a beginning to the take along project I plan for my trip home to Holland near the end of this summer, I am not close enough just yet to begin getting excited, but I'll let you in on a little secret, I have already begun to sort out the 6 outfits I am taking - yes, only six, all mix, match, no wrinkle and washable - yeehaw!
Thanks to the powers that be at Blogger, I am back and I am a happy camper, even though it would have been real nice not to have had it happen in the first place, or, in the alternative, to have received a response to my cries in the FAQ / Contact Us wilderness that seems to accompany so many networks now.
Thanks for stopping by - did you miss me?


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