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Friday, May 20, 2011

TGIF and my Celebration Giveaway

Do you believe it, it's Friday again.   I hope the sun manages to come out and play with everyone this long Victoria Day weekend.  Right now all I can see is the Fog, 

making me feel like I am right back in good ole Saint John, NewBrunswick!!!! 
This picture was selected for Google Earth at I am hoping the sun will eventually come out to play and stay the entire Long Weekend.  This is our May 24th holiday weekend, it used to be called Victoria Day, mostly now people just say the 24th.. 
Many years ago I made small Christmas tablecloths to give away, but I kept this one for myself and I still enjoy using it every Christmas.  Can you see the tiny 2" Log Cabin blocks I made as connectors for the center block?

I should have turned the blue log cabins to the bottom outside for this center block, but, it is my one mistake and I decided many moons ago to just leave it that way.
 A bit hard to distinguish, but, it worked for me.  My reason for posting a Christmas item now, is, as you know I have been cleaning cupboards and of course the linen closet had to be taken apart because I needed to make certain  there were no meeces nesting in there.  Seeing this little table cloth reminds me that I should make some more of these, they make such lovely little gifts to give good to to cover a table at any time.
Patchwork tablecloths are just as durable as any other tablecloth you might purchase in a store, afterall, this one is almost 8 years  old and has been used over Christmas and New Years each year, washed and quickly ironed, and it still looks just as bright and Christmassy as it did when I first made it.

I Chose TODAY to celebrate my returned blog from Blogger.  Seemingly my blog was not the only blog to suffer problems being removed, or having comments not show up, pictures missing, etc., and if you are one of those bloggers, you will understand what it is I am referring to. 
SO I am celebrating my return with a giveaway! 
ALL you have to do is to leave a comment as well as your e-mail address and you could take ownership of this pretty and very useful QUILT JOURNAL 

Quilting Journal
This journal from was designed by Roderick Kiracofe filled with wonderful inspirational quotations, sectioned so that you may showcase your quilts or craft projects, graph pages for your pattern layouts, flap pockets and a reference section.....and YOU could take ownership. 
ONE lucky entrant will  be chosen randomly on Sunday, May 22nd and announced in Mondays' post to win just for leaving a comment  about todays blog post.
Please make certain to leave your e-mail addy, making it easier to contact you if your the lucky winner.
Hey, thanks for stopping by to visit, have a wonderful long weekend if your celebrating our holiday, and if your not, enjoy this weekend no matter how you decide to enjoy it.


  1. Interesting read - how the names of holidays change over time... we celebrated 'Memorial Day' here in the USA last weekend... but as it's my dd's birthday weekend, it sort of gets dual duty. I have a hard time wishing someone a "Happy" Memorial Day... when it's a day of remembrance for our war heroes and military. My dh celebrates by watching all his favorite war movies while I quilt!

  2. Thea, because of my stupidity (I think it was my fault???) YOU WON my giveaway. You are the only one who commented on my Give away celebratory post, would you please, send me your snail mail address, and once the POSTAL STRIKE (which began last night, June 2nd, 2011) here in Canada, is over and done with I will post your QUILT JOURNAL...
    I am so pleased I found these comments, I did not mean for you to think I was terrible for not responding.

    Thank you again, your comments are most welcome....LOVE your blog, interested to see how the fabric dying is going.



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