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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New April Totes

Mother Natures' Spring Collection is finally arriving here in the Bay, she's already showing her Glories of the Snow and Daffodils as well as Narcisis' and crocus the colours are simply amazing and I never fail to marvel at the miracle of colour.

Today though is dreary, raining and windy with a chill to it so no garden photo's today. Soon as the sun makes an appearance I'll get myself out there with the camera and capture as much of those wonderful blooms and their colours as I can.

I admit I have only managed to make two large totes this month, and two tinies which went home with the Easter Bunny to Brampton for Mikayla and Brayden nicley stuffed with goodies.

The other large project I am working on right now is organizing the Craft Cottage which we seem to have named The Hut!

I found an ad from a Retirement Home selling off its gently used furnishings. The residence is getting a facelift and I am one of the lucky shoppers who found several dressers, desks, chairs, easy side chairs and cabinet for the cottage. NOW we are in a position to unpack my mothers' stock of silk slowers, green oasis, saddles for grave stone arrangements, glue, wire, tools, and on and on this is going to go until the last cardboard box hits the recycle bin and the empty totes are sold off or given away. I will be so happy to see the Hut all organized and set up ready to welcome visitors.

TODAY, April 21st is my mothers 86th Birthday. We, that is my family and I had her out for Chinese Food Buffet already, and today she'll erceive our gift of a Digital Picture Frame which we have loaded with lots of interesting pictures for her to remember and talk about for awhile until we change them around for her.

Saves her walking upstairs to see the pictures I get from family and friends on my computer screen.

I haven't done much in the way of sewing so far this month, been so busy doing other necessary chores.

My passport finally arrived and I have gone into town to get my drivers' licence transferred. Since the disasterous 911 the Rules were changed and now it has become a very expensive venture to move around the country from Province to Province, and transferring my licence was expensive. Would you believe I had to get a passport to prove who I was? My current licence from the previous province with picture wasn't acceptable. My citizenship papers never had a photo, it also bore my maiden name, now in order to get my new licence in this province I had to prove how I acquired my "married" name, and they don't accept the Paper Marriage Licence we got over 40 years ago as acceptable name change documentation. SO I had to apply for a new passport to prove who I am. I honestly felt like I had snuck into my own country without proof of citizenship. Youser it was made difficult, but now I have it! Passport that is, next a drive into town to get the licence and then that long awaited end to this chore will be over.

LOOK I did manage to make two larger totes this month inbetween the little time I have spent up here in front of the sewing machine. WELL, Elvis will be finished sometime this week as there simply isn't too much time for me today, maybe tomorrow I will have some time to attach the handles.

I will leave you to view these and get on with the chores today, much tidy up and set a fresh pot of coffee and get mother up and begin the Birthday Celebrations. See you all again soon.

This Prnguin fabric was such fun to work with and lent itself to echo quilting so well that I did just that and nothing more for the entire bag.

The co-ordinating fabric looks much better when seen up close, I am happy this this bag.

I saw this fabric with Elvis images from his army days and as this is how I remembered him I just had to have this fabric.

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  1. love the penguin tote!! My favorite animal!!


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