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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A New Teeny Girlie Tote

This morning I found this lovely little scrap of fabric. It brought back pleasant memories of my housekeeping days and the family I cared for. This scrap of fabric was given to me from the lady of the house who had chosen this fabric for cookie baking aprons for herself and her lovely little daughter. Isn't it sweet?

Now some other little girl will be enjoying this little snippet of fabric when she totes this about with her personals inside. Oh what fun these tinies are to make.

If you like, visit my webshots albums and you can visit all of my hand made quilted totes and purses which have not made it into the blog.

Should you think my bags good enough and wish to order one, you can alway contact me through the comments section of this blog.
Off to find more memorable scraps and make more little tinies.

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