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Thursday, March 4, 2010

"With Glowing Hearts" - The Paralympians!

While the world was mesmerized by the games of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver this year the PARA OLYMPIANS  were making ready to kick  off the 2010 Paralympic Games scheduled in Vancouver on March 12.

On March 3rd, 2010 three days after the Olympic Games Torch was extinguished in Vancouver, the 2010 Winter Para Olympics Torch Lighting Ceremonies took place with Five-time Paralympic athlete Arnold Boldt sharing the flame of hopeful paralympians in the Chamger of  our nations capital, Ottawa and also unveiling as a first,  Paralympics own distinctive emblem.   No longer do the winter paralympians have their logo's piggy-backed with the olympic winter games logo.  

The Torch Relay has already begun and will be followed the 10 days to Vancouver which began yesterday in Canada's capital, Ottawa.  Today, March 4th in Quebec City........making its way to Vancouver.

I hope the media coverage is as extensive and as well carried out as it was for the first set of games we were all thrilled by.  The more extensive the coverage the more the world becomes ever more familiarized with these olympians whose achievments are as monumental as those of any other olympic medal hopeful.

Brian McKeever is one such Olympian!   The thought of his racing in the Canadas' four man team at Whistler was so exciting and I for one was looking forward to coverage of the event so that I could cheer him on.  Sadly, and it was sad, that he wasn't included!  I for one thought the team couldn't have done any worse if Brian had been included.   Lets hold onto hope that in 2014 he will be among the team members on the podium to receive a team medal then! 

I am hopeful that through the media,  this 2010 Para Olympics will gain noteriety and that more and more of us will stay tuned and as glued to our television sets or in the stands, or on the slopes to watch as many para olympic events as the camera's and sports reporters will capture.   I so applaud these men and women who overcome all obstacles to join in on the sport of their choice.



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