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Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh My Goodness, this isn't what you want!!

I have been dreaming of doing something different with my tote bags for a while now.  So very early yesterday morning I began jotting down on paper just how I thought this new sometings might be accomplished.  No, I wasn't really being inventive, just curious to see if my idea would work, so far I really haven't seen it, but I know if I have thought about it it is certainly out there in the market place....LOL

Yesterday, I was chugging right along doing my thing when all of a sudden trouble struck!!!!  One minute your fine, your working away at the sewing machine and the next moment your on your way at top speed to the washroom!  YEP the dreaded Norwalk Virus has come calling....

My mother took ill Monday evening and twelve hours later that poor old lady had finally stopped vommiting.  She was so exhausted, so very bone structure sore that I had honestly considered call 911 to have her hospitalized - but after a telephone call to the doctor was informed from my description of the symptons that in all likliness my mother was suffering from a flu virus.  She said Norwal - a 24 to 48 hour virus that was powerful but not deadly.

Since my mother is prone to stomach vommitting I had no clue as to it bein a virus, but after conversing with her doctor I set out to clean as many surfaces as I could, managed to get all of the linens I had used with her into the washing machine and washed with very hot temperature water and bleach. 

Oh my goodness, we had had visitors and I had been out in a group atmosphere that night, more than likely I was out leaving Norwalk behind.  I was feeling so guilty some people were even going on vacation and the thought I might have made them sick or possibly sick enough not to be able to leave when they would have to was really upsetting.

Sure enough, like I said, working away at the sewing machine I felt not well all of a sudden, no real warning to the onslaught, I managed to make the bowl in time, after than a bucket with some water in it became my contstant companion.

Needless to say there was nothing I could do but let the virus work its way out of my system and hit the sheets.  It was now my turn! 

This afternoon I am feeling so much better, but, try as I might I cannot trace the origin of how it managed to get into this house in the first place.   Needless to say, it is a winter malady and visit hundreds of thousands of people and can be so easily transmitted, why, because the person transmitting doesn't realize they have it until it hits them and then, of course it is all too late.   My brother telephoned an hour ago to say he'd suffered through it all last night and looks like the sister-in-law will be its next victim and goodness knows how many others in our community will suffer because he owns and operates a store...Oh joy.

TAKING precautions in winter is really what I believed I had been doing, obviously not enough because I too managed to have it even though I washed my hands after each contact with mother, I washed down all surfaces which she may have come into contact with with dettol, but, this just wasn' enough nor did I accomplish it soon enough.  It was already stalking my home.  From the Department of Microbiology of Mt. Sinai Hospital, this very informative site, describing in much better detail what I have been attempting to describe to you.   SO if you only know about flu - you'll discover more about this virus and what you can do to make it leave your house sooner rather than much later.   Remember to quarantine yourself, or your family until it has run its course, wash, wash and wash those hands, keep detol in the house (you never know when it will be needed), or you'll be sending it out to inflict others within your network of family, friends, co-workers and the unsuspecting public.  I have a suspicion that is where I managed to get it from - I am a member of the unsuspecting public.   and if your out and about use a handcleanser that is very high in its alcohol content such as those you can buy in a drug store.  

With compliments of Stock Photography and Stock Footage  I scarpered these images....

Not exactly a creative blog today, but hopefully one that informs and puts you on your guard.  You know it is out there just waiting to strike!

Good news is, I'm feeling 100% improved over yesterday, so, the doctor was right 24 to 48 hours and you'll be fine!

I'm back at my sewing machine.  If you haven't been reading all I have written today, no blame from me but like me your still above ground so I wish you a very FRIENDTASTIC day today. 


  1. Good luck to you and your family, and hope you're all feeling well and doing good. Best of luck and God bless.

  2. Pat:

    Thanks for the well wishes, we are both on the mend now - thank goodness, but it is still circulating our small village - ugh!

    Hopefully this won't last too much longer.

    The Bag Lady From The Bay


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