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Friday, February 5, 2010

Tonight Frost Fest Frolicing Begins

Tonight is the night!  Frost Fest Officially begins for this years' mid-winter frolicing good family fun weekend in Seeley's Bay, Ontario!  This weekend is crammed with activities and we hope the Town will also become crammed with lots and lots of visitors.  One wonderfully funny thing was brought to my attention this week.  A member of our Frost Fest Committee submitted a picture with a caption that made alot of people turn to the Weather Net to view.  Penguins in Seeley's Bay, what fun, it looks as if this picture was "Most Viewed" as of this morning.

This picture prompted a lady in the Greater Toronto Region to telephone to enquire about visiting as she would like to bring her children to Seeley's Bay to see these Penguins!!!  This photograph has received 13376 hits so far.  Wonderful!!!  Needless to say, there are no real penguins in Seeley's Bay, just the human life forms dressed as Penguins to add to the frivolity of the weekend.

Tonight we vote for this years' Mini-King and Queen, the Registration for the Scavenger Hunt will begin, the Registration for the ATV Poker Run sponsored by the Seeley's Bay Lions Club with the proceeds going to benefit the Community Food Bank and The Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund sponsored by the International Lions Clubs, and Fireworks Display will take place after the opening cerermonies at our local Leion Branch, kicked off by dignitaries of our area and our Town Crier will lead the Mini King and Queen down to the waterfront to see the fireworks and drink hot choclate and eat scrumscious hot dogs....HURRAH,  all of the planning and hard slogging will now be put to use.  A HUGE THANK YOU to those wonderful women and men of vision and creativity especially to the Creator of our Frost Fest Web site and for his creative advertising abilities which has boosted all of the event activities.  To the owners of the Seeley's Bay Retirement Home who hosted all of the early Saturday morning meetings, plied us with fresh morning breakky and hot beveridges, who have gone above and beyond what residents do to help with and be a part of the Frost Fest Planning Committee.  Thanks to all members of the committee for all their dedication especially to our Fearless Leader to whom nothing seems impossible and to her sidekick who keeps the Minutes of the Meetings and literally rides roughshod over us all, to the families of all members who put up with us during all of it, to their countless hours spent, to those who worked tirelessly canvassing corporate sponsors and media spots to advertise this weekend. To those who have all donated a tremendous amount of hours to see this event become another Annual Success Story.   Now I am sure I will have forgotten something vital about all of this or missed someone special, if I have, I'm sorry!

Needless to say I am still not ready with my to do list looking as lengthy as it did at the beginning of this week, or,  is it because I keep remembering things I forgot and kept adding to the list?  I don't believe anyone is ever 100% ready, but,  ready or not, it all comes together this weekend and it begins tonight. 

IF your in our area we'd love to make you welcome and have you and your family join in on all of the frivolities.

Looks like I"m still above ground this morning and you know what that means,  if your reading my blog we're alive and well and truly blessed so have yourself a very FRIENDTASTIC DAY, me, I'm off to finish this "TO DO LIST"!


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