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Monday, February 1, 2010

He's Arrived!!!

Good February 1st everyone!  I am so excited and happy this morning, a brand new member of our family came into the world this morning kicking and screaming!!!

He arrived at 8:49 a.m. weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces, with a whisp of dark hair on his sweet little head and forgive me, I have forgotten how long he is, but he is long and his proud parents have named him one of the fashionable names of this decade, "Carter".  This makes me a Great Aunt.   YAHOOOOOOOO he's here and after being all checked out by his doctor, declared to be a healthy baby boy.  Our family is blessed.

Not only is today auspicious, being Carter's Birth day, but, today the Ontario Government proclaimed a new Holiday for its citizens', Family Day!   Visit  blogTO  you will read all about it in a well written article  by Jerrold Litwinenko who used a photo taken by Duane Brown) of a sculpture depicting Immigrant Family. 
You know, this sculpture really struck a chord with me, I love it.    Another blog  I found and also well written and informative  Ontario Travel  and nicely sets out Family Month and describes this new FAMILY day and has lots of neat ideas about how to spend that holiday.  I think you might enjoy this blog. 

I've shared todays' news with you, and as always I am alive and well and still above ground today which means if your reading this too, I thank you, and as ever we are truly blessed.   Have a wonderful FRIENDTASTIC DAY! 


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