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Saturday, January 30, 2010

One Down One To Go

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010has come and gone, meaning, the District Governor's Dinner hosted by our Seeley's Bay Lions Club for District A-4  of International Lions Clubs is over and behind me.  I must tell you that the floral arrangements which my mother made to dress the tables were absolutely gorgeous and she used the Lions colours in those arrangements.   Meaning, one important event is now over and the last for this winter is still to come .......Frost Fest! Only 5 sleeps left before Frost Fest begins and this year from all accounts it will be BIGGER and hopefully BETTER than ever. 

The rain has finally stopped but I know for a fact that many people were coping with water in their basements and with the colder temperatures on the way if that water doesn't dry up nicely before we'll all be skating on sidewalks and the streets, and our ice rinks will need more attention because the water flowed from the higher ground onto the ice and made it rough and untidy, but soon with the colder weather the rinks will once again become groomed with the help from our human zamboni's and Frost Fest day skaters will surely be enjoying the surfaces. 

Dang I seem to be having sewing machine problems again, hopefully though I can work around this problem and finish off those much promised totes for the Frost Fest and some other quilted items to be donated as prizes.... I can't wait to see how well I progress in getting my to do list completed. 

I am so busy I don't have time now to falter, sew, sew, sew that is my motto for this week and next, onwards to the finish line.  I still have the Scavenger Hunt clues and items all packed up too... Wanna come help?

Thanks to a very special man, Rick my Scavenger Hunt Flyer is really neat, I am so hoping alot of families will come and join in on the Family Fun, seeing little ones try and solve the clues and then find the booty and win the Hunt....I am so looking forward to this event and praying it will be a huge success...In my links section you can get to our Fraost Fest web-site just with a click of your mouse.

I have also restocked my Esty Shop and connected it with Big Crumbs....SAVE AND SAVE AND SAVE through BIG CRUMBS.  I mean if your already an online shopper whats the harm in checking this site out - it has 480 Large Retailers and counting and several hundreds smaller online entrepenurial shops, from Esty to e-Bay you'll find many of us there offering cash back, or free shipping, and other types of shopping incentives and this site provides the shoppers with savings and the rest of us benefit of traffic to our stores and savings as well as earnings for small business' earners.  Another idea, if your non-profit group is planning fundraising, this site will provide you with earning for the group too!  People shop, they save your group earns and your fundraising is supplimented with dollars too all done through Big Crumbs and the savings go directly into your fundraiser account, what a neat way to boost your groups earning for the fundraising power.   Again, check out the ad at the top of my esty shop here in the sidebar, click on it and check out BIG CRUMBS for yourself.

The end of my day is now here, but it was a very good day, I was alive and well and that is the most important blessing of all, then to top this blessing off I got to spend time with good people who volunteer their time and energies in helping others. 

Thank you for dropping in and have a wonderful day tomorrow.


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