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Friday, January 22, 2010

Out Of Sick Bay

I don't believe it,  here it is Friday again!!!   I have accomplished nothing since Sunday past, all I have done is quarantine myself to my quarters,  drunk water until I could feel my innards sloshing and slept until my bones and joints became stiffer than wood.  

I'm such a fraidy cat and haven't bothered to contact the doctor.  My mother has publicized my ailments and my brother has been badgering me to get an appointment, but all I want is to be left to myself and get over whatever it is that I managed to bring home with me from someone else somewhere else.   Who really knows, but it can't last much longer, can it?  WELL if it does I guess I will eventually have to make it to the doctors' office and take it all from there, but oh how I hate doing that, the images I conjure up are not mentally appetizing and so, I remain here in my quarters and taking my sweet time to get better.  I am drinking gallons of water, eating lots of soups, had some fruit but so far only the cramping has disappeared, I still have the nasties!!!

I am certain some time in between the frequent handwashings while out shopping last week I picked up some nasty germ someone left lying about.   I wash my hands by frequenting the store washroom facilities all of the time.   I keep those anti-bacterial hand wipes in my pocket, I even use that anti-bacterial jell when I run out of those wipes and when good old fashioned soap isn't available.  Obviously I wasn't careful enough. 

I could have picked it up at the grocery store, or the craft shop, or the quilt store, the gas pump handle, or the restaurant where we finally all stopped for supper, who really knows on which surface that nasty germ lay in waiting for someone to come along and carry it off home with them?  So be vigilant, you can't ever be too careful with your health, heaven only knows where the nasties are waiting to ambush you!

Frost Fest is rapidly approaching and I am so far behind in my list of things to have done, I only hope I can accomplish half of the "need to do list".    Not today, today is needed for moving stuff out of the back room of the Hut where the Heater is for the In-Floor Radiant Heating.  The darned thing decided to die this week.  In order to get this old unit removed and the new unit installed, I need to empty out the room.  The man told me I only needed to move so much, but heavens to betsy how can he work in a space already filled to the rafters with Stuff, so from Sick Bay I go to the Hut and make certain that man can do his job properly and not be hampered by all of this junk.

To top off my totally unproductive week the International Lions Club Govenors' Dinner is also rapidly approaching and I have obligations to my Club to get certain things done too.   Who knows how I will accomplish it all, but try is all I can ask of me.

Since having told you all of this I assure you I am still above ground and if your reading this you are too, so have a totally FRIENDTASTIC day and enjoy all of your blessings, I know I will.


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