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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Push and Shove is Over

Finally all of the pushing and the shoving of the furniture is over, those large pieces of furniture are all in place and many of the re-organization of the items of the work space is nearly complete.  A few bits and pieces, but there simply isn't enough time to continue until the obligations I owe to the Towns' Frost Fest activities is over.

Today I have errands for Frost Fest that need to be taken care of.  Next is a trip to the Post Office.  I have items to mail and mail to receive and its the receiving I am excited about once again.

If your a Quilter and belong to an online group or a number of groups, ubdoubtedly you've learned of or taken part in online swaps.  I belong to an online group who have been together for the past twelve years.  We've had mini-retreats, large gatherings and been together through thick and through thin.  This year we are starting it off by my hosting a Birthday Block Swap, and what a wonderful block it is too.  We've borrowed a block from The Quilters Cache, the Dutch Nine Patch and chosen the same colour combination as Marcia Hohn has used in her block instructions.

This Block is turning out so prettily, and already I am receiving blocks to my snail mail address.  I had thought to send out the blocks to all on their birthdays, but decided to ask them all if they'd like to have them now instead of waiting nearly a whole year until their birthdays roll around.... I will wait for their replies before telling you the final outcome of that question.

I have already begun receiving huge stuffed envelopes with these pretties inside, what a beautiful Birthday Quilt this is going to make.

Here are some of the envelopes I have already, and some pictures of the actual blocks.  All different shades of blue are being used and they all stand out so well on their own, but combined together will make the quilt I wish to make a stunner.

Look at all of the stuffed envelopes I have so far.

This is a block out of one of the envelopes

This is one of my blocks. 
You see these are all going to be so very different while being all the same block.  Now I really must stop playing and get to those many errands else I will fall farther and farther behind.  Seeing as we are all above groud today, I am wishing you a fantastic 1.


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