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Friday, January 15, 2010


I love Fridays don't you? Seems like only yesterday it was Monday and already I have forgotten many of the activities I participated in these past four days. It must be a sign of aging, not remembering from one day to the next?

Seeing as it is Friday once again, I have managed to wake late, have two cups of coffee, taken two phone calls, one from each of my brothers and said goodmorning to the day by being greatful that once again I find myself above ground and in good humour. That my friends is a real Blessing.

The difficult work for the Scavenger Hunt for our Annual Frost Fest has been accomplished and put onto paper for approval by the Committee tomorrow morning and now I have only the physicalities of the Hunt to prepare. Oh my, alot of physical cutting and inserting of the clues, setting up the markers and making certain these are too hidden. I wouldn't want some of those teams to hunt for too long. Seeing as I have planned on the hunt taking place out of doors and not having the contestants go into any business establishments, the objects the hunters are to gather need to be in plain view but not too easily found. Saves having those snowy mucky boot marks being trampled all over floors, or customers being jostled or inventory knocked off shelves, besides Frost Fest Activities should be out doors and in the fresh air, which we have plenty of in our Town.

I have ready the Silk Floral Table Arrangements all made by my mother and the tickets and quilt for the Canada Guide Dog fundraiser innitiative we currently have going on. WISH us well in the sale of these tickets because all funds raised will directly benefit those wonderful Guide Dogs.

While your here and if you would consider it, please support my Social Vibe The Vision Charity. It is afterall a wonderful and worthwhile cause.


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